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Sustainable Tourism Guide

Why sustainable tourism matters

We cannot take the charm of tour destinations for granted and to be exploited whenever our wild and irrational desires dictate us to do so. Nature is not invulnerable and indestructible. It will be unfair to consider they are selflessly designed to provide pleasure and thrill to the tourists. The mute and unresponsive state of Mother Nature might send misleading ...

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What is sustainable tourism?

Sustainable tourism envisages the concept of keeping up with the continuity of the charm and attraction of a tourism destination causing minimum damage to the components that make up the destination. It is an observed fact that wherever the tourists move, they carry pollution and commotion having a harmful impact on the environment of the place he visits.

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Top 10 destinations in sustainable tourism

The need for sustainable tourism is strongly felt among the stakeholders of the tourism industry. The entire collection of entities having a direct or indirect relationship with the tourism industry cannot stay as silent spectators when the very survival of the industry is jeopardized. The future of tourism depends upon the sustenance of a travel destination. The ministry of tourism, ...

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Activities in sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism calls for multifarious responsibilities on the part of the tourists, which are in fact in the garb of activities to be carried out. In sustainable tourism, the twin objective of improvement of the economic status of the local population and encouraging environmental harmony are the watch words. The tourists while in a jubilant mood of explosive fun must ...

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Do’s and don’ts of sustainable tourism

In sustainable tourism it should be kept in mind that it is not always that the tourist should be at the receiving end where the benefits are unidirectional from the destination to the tourists. The tourists do have certain responsibilities to discharge through activities that are good for the destination and refraining from those that would harm its environment and ...

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History of sustainable tourism

The importance of sustainable tourism is not a brand new notion. The importance of maintaining ecological balance and environmental conservation is a fairly universal concept having an enriched past. Environment specialists have been emphasizing the need to conserve nature and advocating travel practices that will not leave any harmful footprint on Mother Nature disrupting its harmony and equilibrium.

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Best practices in sustainable tourism

To make sustainable tourism realize its dream, certain practices need to be followed by the users having an impact on global tourism. An organization exists, known as the Global sustainable tourism council, which attempts to promote the spirit of sustainable tourism highlighting its imperative necessity. The core policies and principles of this council on which it operates has certain underlying ...

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