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Fresh tourist attractions across the world

Fresh tourist attractions across the world

Some cool tourist attractions will be launched this year and in the coming years. With breath taking architecture and scenic views, these places have been designed to lure visitors and tourists. These places are not just adventurous but also comprise of artificial museums along with award winning architecture. These places spread across the world at located at heights never reached before. Brilliant architecture and engineering along with eco-friendly parks are surely the most sought after tourist destinations of the future. These are one-stop locations for adventure, luxury, romance, culture and education. Some of the upcoming projects are mentioned below:

Guangzhou Circle, Guangzhou, China

This might look like a replica of a donut. It stands 453 feet tall and is considered the highest circular skyscraper in the world. It is located at the Zhuijang River in South China. To your surprise, you will find restaurants and cafes inside the 164 foot hole.

Funtasy Island, Riau Islands, Indonesia

Funtasy Island is an eco-theme park that will open to tourist and locals this year. 70% of this place will be maintained for a sanctuary and is surrounded by tropical trees. This place will provide boat trips in the midst of mangrove trees. Other attractions include a water park and beach club along with restaurants and spas. It also provides tourists exclusive eco-friendly villas and suites.

Museum of Image and Sound, Rio de Janeiro

Slotted to open in the second half of this year, the Copacabana’s beach museum is a white building in a folded shape. It will comprise of exhibits from carnivals to soap operas. It has a 300 seater opera theatre, café, terrace restaurant and several other facilities.

Glacier Skywalk, Jasper National Park, Canadian Rockies

This is located at the Sunwapta Vallery forests and comprises of the lovely waterfall, which is located near this Jasper National Park. The Glacier Skywalk opened this month will be a walkway at a height of 918 feet, giving a view of the landscape above which you will be walking through a transparent glass floor. This project has won a design award even before its construction started.

High Roller, Las Vegas

Opened in March, this destination built at the world’s tallest Ferris wheel is at a height of 630 feet. However, the New York Wheel will be launched in 2016 and overtake this as the tallest Ferris wheel.


Book your holidays for these destinations, as missing them doesn’t seem to be a good idea. A perfect family or romantic holiday these destinations can leave you awestruck.

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