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Hotels that lure travelers with a spooky façade

Hotels that lure travelers with a spooky façade

Have you ever thought of a vacation in a haunted creepy place? Sounds scary? Many hotels have noted experiencing paranormal activities by their staff or visitors, and as such become destinations for people looking to stare down a ghost. Some of the Canada’s haunted hotels are mentioned below. Enjoy the spookiest vacations there and get a tale to tell the world.

Algonquin Hotel- New Brunswick

Heard about a ghost that doesn’t scare but rather annoys the hell out of you? Well that’s what the ghost at Algonquin does. Supposed to be an ex-staff member of the hotel, she arranged the tables the way she likes them to be. If you stray around the dining hall in the night then you might get that jittery feel. There seems to be another ghost in the hotel, who sobs in the early morning hours.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel- Alberta

This place has a helpful ghost named Sam. He was a bellman working at the hotel until his death in the year 1976. Neither does he scare nor does her annoy you. In fact, he probably would prefer carrying your luggage and unlocking your room.

Chateau Laurier- Ottawa

This seems to be a Hollywood movie story turned real. Charles Melville Hays who had commissioned this hotel was on his way aboard the Titanic, which was also carrying furniture for the hotel. The hotel was 12 days from being inaugurated at the time of the tragedy. On the way, Charles met this sad demise on the ship. One can hear rattling, shaking and rolling sounds in the hotel. The anger of Charles who desired to be present at its inauguration doesn’t seem to have calmed down. He was reported to have worked hard on the completion of this project.

Fairmont Waterfront Hotel- Vancouver

The ghost at this hotel is a lady in red who would be interested in walking and accompanying you at the hallway. Many a times, it has been reported that she walks around the corridors of the fourteenth floor, and the lift too seems to be stopping at this floor frequently.

Fairmount Le Chateau Frontenac-Quebec

This place is haunted by two ghostly figures. One is a lady who had a tragic and sad end to her life. This shall be scary since you might experience her gown sneaking on you whilst you’re fast asleep. Another is the ghost of the popular 17th century governor, Louis de Buade. He died in this hotel waiting for his fiancée who was on a trip abroad. It seems he still is waiting for her at the hotel.


Spending time in a haunted hotel might not be to the liking of an average tourist, but for those who seek out thrill and adventures, staying at a haunted house might give you an interview with the paranormal.

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