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World’s Largest Recycling Initiatives Aimed at Reducing Garbage

Right now we have more resources than we need. But if the world continues to grow at the present growth rate then soon a time will come when we’ll encounter a great dearth of resources.  Earth has only limited reserves and they won’t be able to satisfy all human demands. So we are bound to look for alternatives resources. And of all the alternative resources the one that is of prime importance is garbage.

Garbage materials like tires, glass, paper, metals and electronics are recyclable. These products are most directly connected with our day to day lives. Recycling them won’t make a company lose any profit. With modern day recycling techniques a company can make it’s recycling very cost effective.

Opting for recycling could be a step of great forethought for a company. In future if the prices of raw materials become high then the company will be able to depend upon its recycled waste. Keeping all that in mind many companies have invested in recycling. Here is a list that honours some of their greatest efforts.

  1. Republic Services Inc. Milpitas, California, USA

USA is the country which produces the largest amount of garbage. So it’s no wonder that they have the largest waste treatment facility in the world. The Milpitas waste treatment facility is spread over 342 acres and it is capable of sorting and recycling all sorts of dry and commercial waste that come from the companies in San Jose region. It operates on 110 tons of waste per hour and diverts almost 80 percent of the material that it collects.

  1. Novelis Aluminium Recycle Plant, Nachterstedt, Germany

Novelis has established the largest Aluminium recycling plant in Germany. It claims that it process approximately 400,000 metric tonnes of Aluminium annually. Recycling of Aluminium is very cost effective and it produces very little pollution. Novelis itself is a company that manufactures Aluminium sheets and by using this recycle plant it has raised its use of recycled Aluminium from 30% to 46 %.

  1. Plastic Recycling Plant, Lincolnshire, UK

This recycling plant is the result of an alliance between Coca-Cola Enterprises and ECO Plastics. It is said to be the largest plastic recycling plant in the world. It mainly recycles plastic bottles. With a processing rate of 450,000 bottles per hour this plant recycles a whooping 3 billion plastic bottles every year.

  1. Boliden’s Electronics Waste Plant, Rönnskär, Sweden

Located in the suburbs of Sweden this treatment facility has the capacity of recycling nearly 120,000 tonnes of annual electronic waste. It operates on electronic waste materials like mobile phones, computers and circuit boards etc. It mainly receives its waste from the countries all around Europe. By smelting these electronic wastes this company extracts copper and other precious metals from the waste.

  1. Tire Recycling Facility, Houston, Texas

There was a time when nearly 2 billion waste rubber tyres were scattered all over US. But thanks to the renewed efforts by US government 90% of them have disappeared. The tire recycling facility at Houston is a part of the efforts of US government. This plant has the capacity of recycling about 10 million car tyres each year. The rubber recycled from this plant will be used in the form of rubber granules, asphalt roads, building products and in industrial applications.

Recycling helps in curbing all sorts of pollution. It is something that might not reflect in the profits of a company but ultimately it has its effect on the environment. In case of 83% percent of the products recycling is the most efficient disposing method. By recycling waste on the massive scale these companies are not only meeting their present demands but they are also paving way for the future.

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