Differences between Responsibility, Eco and Sustainable Tourism

Apparently they all sound the same and the objective is set to accomplish a mutual gain to the customer tourist and the destination.

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It is a universally agreed upon fact specially in tourism circles that more emphasis is put on ecotourism to make the travelers aware of the environment and the habitat of the destination sheltering myriad fauna including human beings. This is more or less an edification process. The traveler learns more and more about the world and the distribution of fauna and flora that inhabits it. A little more improvement is brought in the concept of ecotourism and what we have is sustainable tourism.

Here, we go a step further and realize that observing nature in all its glory is not enough. We need to observe certain silent codes to ensure nature stays as wonderful as ever. It should not go extinct or lose its luster due to unrestrained and boisterous tourist behavior.

Sustainable tourism throws a spotlight on protecting the environment he is visiting. It ensures minimum impact delivered by the tourist on the local milieu. The environmental, social, cultural and economic conditions should be left unruffled by the tourists’ bouncy activities borne out of boundless enthusiasm.

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While ecotourism is confined to specific niches like rural ventures, adventure tourism, wildlife tourism and beach tourism, sustainable tourism is much broader in scope. It embraces all forms of travel.

Keeping eco and sustainable tourism in sight, responsibility tourism inculcates an element of accountability in the tourist. Here, the tourists figure out means to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of the places he has chosen to visit. It is a guaranteed both way flow of benefits.

The customer draws pleasure from the amazing scenery the destination offers and the hospitality of the locals. The locals benefit from the presence of the tourist in terms of money and generation of tourism based employment.

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Ecotourism stands for a standard of ethics supported by widespread intervention by industrial houses and academicians. Now, these eco tourism principles are founded on well thought out premises. These principles need to be put into action. The result is marvelous and we see an all round development that puts the destination up on the tourism map as a glowing spot tempting more and more people for a visit.

Ecotourism is based on nature. It is fundamentally an exploration of nature’s immense bounty and its appreciation whereas sustainable and responsible tourism looks forward to the preservation of this bounty. Irresponsible tourism would erode the natural, cultural and environmental elements. Posterity would be cheated and deprived of pleasure trips and travels if the present generation acts recklessly while making a fun holiday.

Ecotourism is popularly described as travelling to Mother Nature with a purpose. The idea is to comprehend the cultural and environmental aspect of a select destination. However, painstaking and thorough the exploration might be it is not enough. The mission is not complete unless the tourist does his bit and discharges his responsibility. Sustainable and responsible tourism begins where ecotourism ends. They cover a larger domain.

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