Best places in the world to experience the magnificent northern lights

Aurora or Northern Lights is one of the world’s most amazing, spectacular phenomenons. This astounding colorful creation of nature is caused due to the geomagnetic storms surrounding outer sections of the Earth’s atmosphere. Once, many people around the world were not even aware of this spectacular event produced by Mother Nature, unless some pictures were published in magazines like National Geographic. The northern lights are the brightest at the Arctic Circle where usually the photographs are taken.


The visibility of the amazing lights is the highest in autumn and winter when Northern hemisphere’s nights are the longest. Yet the sighting depends on atmospheric conditions and can been seen as far as the south of United States. Around the world, there are many hotspots where you can witness the amazing glowing northern lights. The clearer the skies, the brighter the lights! Let’s check out some spectacular destinations if you want to have a clear view of the Northern Lights-


  1. Scandinavia- When it’s about some serious sightings of Aurora borealis then no other place can beat Scandinavia. Scandinavia is the best place in the world to witness the spectacular Northern Lights especially in the colder months of the year. Many serious viewers and tourists drive all the way across borders of Norway and Finland. The areas, particularly near the Arctic Circle mainly the northern Norway area, Finland and lastly Sweden is where you get the lights. Many people come visit the places when it is chilly and dark to get the perfect spectacular view.


  1. Alaska- Alaska is definitely not the place where you want to spend an autumn or winter, but if you want to witness the brilliant view of Northern lights then no place is better than Denali National Park in Alaska. You can visit in the late August when the Northern lights are clearly visible in the dark sky. But instead of late October, it’s better to visit early to avoid the brutal cold season in Alaska. Before coming, check for weather forecast and get the clear picture from the University of Alaska at Fairbanks.


  1. Canadian Northwest- The Canadian Northwest territories are quite popular for equally perfect and adaptable viewing conditions for Northern Lights. People on the Canadian side of the border head towards Yukon, the east side of Alaska, to have an absolute view of the lights. The city, known as Yellowknife is also known for emerging tourism and the surrounding rural wilderness. You will find lodges and other staying facilities have outlying areas open just for the clear viewing of Northern Lights.


  1. Iceland- Aurora lovers will find another hotspot Iceland, quite interesting for viewing Northern lights. Well, you can feel the brutal cold all year around, but Iceland is considered as perfect place in the North Atlantic to view Northern Lights. In the cloudless sky, the lights are visible quite often especially during the winter and autumn season. Tourist and aurora seekers can join one of the aurora borealis tours right from the capital city and head towards the northern areas to look for vibrant northern lights.


  1. Greenland- When it comes to the viewing of spectacular Northern light then how one can forget the largest noncontinent Island on earth? Greenland, which is one of the best locations for viewing the aurora borealis. Tour companies take tourists to perfect locations from where northern lights are completely visible during autumn, fall, winter and spring seasons. Greenland has less population causing less pollution making it easier to get a clear picture of visible Northern light. The clear winter sky makes it an arguably ideal place for northern light lovers from all across the world.


  1. US- The Lower 48 states of the US are certainly one of the places to have the perfect aurora viewing conditions. If you move towards north, you will have a better chance to view the lights. The window of opportunity increases in absolute clear sky which is generally available in areas like Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Montana.


  1. British Isles– You can get some brilliant views of aurora borealis from none other than the British Isles, Scotland. The viewing atmosphere of the sky is just perfect for northern lights and there are some best locations in Scotland itself to witness you the perfect aurora like Aberdeen, Isle of Skye, Northern Highlands and many more.


  1. Norway- Norway is located just above the Arctic Circle making it quite an ideal for the viewing of aurora borealis. In Norway places like the northern town of Tromso offer a long extended view of northern lights and apart from that place there are Alta, Svalbard and Finnmark with same clear weather conditions.


  1. Northern Russia– Lastly, the amazing area of Northern Russia offers the excellent opportunity to view the bright northern lights. Kola Peninsula and Murmansk are popular for citing the Aurora Borealis.






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