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As an expert author, you would need to establish yourself as a brand aka thought leader in your own niche.You would need to be the innovative authority in your space and be recognized as the major influence in it as well. However, there is a long way to go to achieve that. handsome guy Becoming a thought leader is not an easy task. It would take plenty of time and effort on your part to become one. In addition, you cannot achieve that by simply following the same angles and keywords while writing. Neither can you achieve that by following the same rules and standards followed by other writers in the niche. By breaking the so-called line of conformity, you would need to develop your very own unique writing style and strategy, mostly built by predicting natural keywords in the niche. Rather than just coming up with a keyword and hoping it works out well, opt for keywords that are easily recognizable as well as highly popular with readers visiting your niche. The keyword can be anything pertaining to the passion, likes and dislikes, fears, etc. of the audience. Strive to stay on top of all the trends in your niche. Starting from there, predict new keywords that can act as extensions of existing ones or start a new trend altogether. This would help keep the audience interested in your niche. It would also project you as a credible source. Target Your audience Stay away from keyword selection tools that would offer you the same keywords offered to dozens of other writers who use these tools as well. Rather, try to find out promising keywords by reading other niche-relevant blogs, subscribing to news outlets, spotting buzzwords, scoping Google trends and following social media sources. Don’t look for keywords randomly. Choose only those that are relevant to your topic, niche and target audience. Read articles that are most relevant to your topic, niche and target audience as well as this would give you an idea of how to use these keywords in your own articles. SEO Remember, you are writing articles for your readers, not for search engines. Make it a point to target both short and long tail keywords in your articles without forcing them into the content. Use one keyword for every 100 words that you write. Moreover, integrate the keywords in the article title and summary as well as the opening paragraph.

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