Why sustainable tourism matters

We cannot take the charm of tour destinations for granted and to be exploited whenever our wild and irrational desires dictate us to do so. Nature is not invulnerable and indestructible. It will be unfair to consider they are selflessly designed to provide pleasure and thrill to the tourists. The mute and unresponsive state of Mother Nature might send misleading signals that it will serve the tourists without an expectation of a counter response. In fact, in return the tour destinations do expect a positive response from the tourists, and their considerate attitude and actions will help nature enhance its life span and continue to fascinate human beings up to the verge of eternity.

Hiking and View of Valley

Like any other entity, a picturesque locale is transient with its natural share of wear and tear. The erosion of unspoilt nature, degradation in value and disruption of environmental equilibrium is certainly aggravated by the imprudent acts of damage and destruction that may arise from irresponsible tour practices. The impact is seriously detrimental to the flora and fauna as well as the inanimate world that surrounds us. Even apparently silent elements like water bodies and glaciers, rolling meadows and hilly terrain would react with fury and violently wake up to the indiscriminate and selfish utilization by human beings!

The practical realization must strike the tourists that they are helping promote sustainable tourism not just for the sake of the destination they desire to visit but for their own goal of accomplishment of happiness. With the rise in global warming looming, the need for sustainable tourism is even more acutely felt. As regards fauna, sustainable tourism has a part to play and it is crucial that the tourists do not contribute to habitat loss and their irresponsible act may someday lead to the extinction of the species altogether that used to charm man by its very presence, group behavior, twittering, fun, frolic and acrobatics.

 Grand Canyon

Sustainable tourism is of utmost importance else nature and its panoramic appeal would just cease to draw tourists in the future. Snow capped peaks would melt causing a reduction in altitude of the summits that used to hold the tourist with awe and reverence. Thick forests would lose its rich greenery and turn barren and with it several animal and bird species would be lost forever.

Crystal lakes, lagoons, creeks and rivers would carry garbage, filth and poisonous chemicals and the aquatic life would perish! The pristine lakesides that once had been a source of inspiration to lovers building up a romantic ambiance would turn grimy. It will fail to kindle the warmth and passion in the hearts of paramours with the filthy sheet of water body in the background! The magnificent glaciers would no longer retain their charm and a rise in temperature would cause them to flow faster. Who knows the temperature, volume of snow in glacier and land topography may conspire against thoughtless human beings and consequently a devastating flood may be picking up steam!

 wildlife destination

It is equally criminal to repress the wonderful ritualistic exhibits of exhilaration by local tribal folks inhabiting a wildlife destination for example. The tribal dances of Masai tribes of East African grasslands or the Adi’s of Arunachal Pradesh in India would appear emphatically primitive and bizarre. The Masai ritual of cattle sacrifice may seem barbaric and just out of place in modern society. But the tourist must not mold its shape and essence with the western cult of jazz and rock with an excuse that all he has been trying to do is giving the tribal an exposure to modernization. This would be grossly unfair!

Sustaining the economy is a step to ensure the destination doesn’t get lost in void for want of financial assistance. Money is much in demand for development of sites and up gradation of those entities whose well being depends upon how well the destination thrives. This is a mutual exchange mechanism and the charm of the destination rests on the local business and its residents.

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