Top 10 hottest beach bars in the world

Thinking of setting up a beach bar business? Then you probably need to do some research on what it takes to run a successful beach bar apart from the standard shack on the beach and an unlimited stock of beers. Take a cue from these really hot beach bars around the world to make yours stand out too!

Café Mambo, Spain

Another name for Ibiza is ‘party’ and if you are in the beach town of San Antonio, a must visit attraction would be the Café Mambo. If it’s not the hordes of beach combers and partygoers who visit the café every evening to hear the pulsating music of world class DJs who usually use the café as a place to warm up before performing in other, bigger gigs; it’s the legendary sunset experienced from the shores of the beach that would captivate your heart and make you want to come here again! Make sure you reach the place early in the evening to secure a good spot near the beach for the epic sunset and the groovy music.

Slinky Beach Bar, Thailand

Located in the extremely beautiful Koh Phi Island, the Slinky Beach Bars is one of those places where you can just relax by the beach and enjoy a drink or two while being pampered away by the bar’s staff and its exotic performers.

In addition to the amazing beach parties that literally make you dance away into the night on the shores of the beach, the Slinky Beach Bar would treat you to a series of exotic performances, including fire dancing and fireworks etc. Not to forget the unlimited booze that just keeps coming and coming and coming!

Curlies, India

Located at the far end of the famed Anjuna Beach in Goa, the spacious Curlies Beach Café is a favorite with locals and tourists alike, and is known for its extremely hippy night parties. The Anjuna Beach in itself is a popular hotspot with locals, Goan hippies, ravers and tourists alike. And what looks like a casual, laidback atmosphere at day in the Curlies Beach Café transforms into an extremely lively atmosphere at night. This is definitely the place to be if you want to make some new friends from town!

Shipwreck Hut, Cook Islands

A part of the larger Aro’s Beachside Inn, the Shipwreck Hut is the best place to relax and enjoy a legendary drink or two while soaking up the breathtaking, tropical surroundings. Visitors to the Shipwreck Hut can enjoy their drinks on hammocks located around the café. The dress code is pretty simple; all you need are a pair of shades and flip flops apart from other essentials to gain access to the bar.

By night, the idyllic bar would transform into a fervent night club with the music playing until dawn. And if you are tired of dancing all night long, head over to the beach to catch a glimpse of some majestic whales passing right by the shore.

Nikki Beach, USA

Located in Miami, the Nikki Beach Bar is part of a large chain of beach bars managed by Nikki (the company even has branches in Cabos San Lucas, KohSamui, Marrakech and Las Vegas). Slightly suited for the elite class of individuals, the Nikki Beach Bar in Miami is a frequent hotspot for international DJs who belt out some of their best tracks during the weekend parties.

During the day, the beach bar remains a standard, beach style casual joint complete with loungers and opium beds. At night, the entire place transforms into a raving nightclub where it would be possible to spot everybody who is anybody! Prior reservations are a must though unless you are irresistibly beautiful!

Pelican Bar, Jamaica

Located in the famed Jakes Treasure Beach, the Pelican Bar is attached to the Jakes Treasure Beach Resort, and takes the meaning of a beach bar to a whole new level altogether! The bar literally goes by the saying ‘the best cocktails in the sea’, by operating on a shoal out in the sea.

The only way to reach the bar is via a boat ride (not a long one though). And once you’re inside, you know that the place is inaccessible to a whole lot of other things apart from a walk. The Pelican Bar observes a strict policy of silence and relaxation, and enforces the same by being devoid of televisions, internet connectivity and even a pool table. Talk about just relaxing on a seat under a thatched roof, sipping on a drink and spending some quality time with your loved ones!

Purobeach, Spain

Located in Mallorca, the Purobeach Beach Café is situated right on a private beachfront property managed by Mats Wahlstrom, a renowned Swedish entrepreneur. The place is very popular with the elite crowd and has been mentioned in a number of magazines.

During the day, the property operates as a standard beach bar, offering tantalizing drinks to visitors who can enjoy wonderful views of the beach from the beach front white lounges that come complete with white beach umbrellas. At nightfall, the bar transforms into anlively nightclub, playing pulsating tunes from Wahlström’s hit music label while the guests dance away into the night on the beach and near the property’s private pool.

Catch Beach Club, Thailand

Located on the shores of the beach in Phuket, the Catch Beach Club is famous for more than just its drinks and night parties. The club has a themed dinner night on Tuesdays (barbeque) and Fridays (seafood and lamb specialties), and offers its guest popular drinks like My Thai and Sly Thaias draws every night. And if that isn’t enough, then the club’s live music scenario would definitely strike a chord with you. An early entry guarantees you a day bed by the water’s edge.

Tanjong Beach Club, Singapore

Located on the shores of the famed Tanjong Beach in Sentosa, Singapore, the Tanjong Beach Club is the perfect mix of a luxurious beach resort,a pulsating beach bar and a relaxing ambiance; all of which makes this beach club one of the most sought after places in Singapore.

Soak up on the sun as you treat your taste buds to a variety of tropical cocktails and seafood platters available at the bar. Laze around in the private lounge chairs all day or catch up some action at the beach with a game of beach volleyball. And when it’s night, don your party hat and dance away till the wee hours of the morning.

The Star of Greece, Australia

Located on the shores of the extremely lively and colorful Port Willunga, the Star of Greece Beach Bar got its name from a shipwreck near the port in 1888. The place is a regular hotspot for celebrities like Sting and Kylie Minogue, thanks to its delicious food choices, mouthwatering cocktails, plenty of tantalizing treats, and a private stretch of white sand right in front of the shack. And what’s best about all this? The prices are extremely reasonable too!

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