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Gavi: A well-developed eco-tourism destination in Kerala insight by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Gavi Kerala aperfect Eco Tourism Destination

After researching about its locales, weather, people, scenic beauty, and popular beliefs about Gavi, I went there to evaluate the authenticity of claims about the eco-destination status of the place. Eco Tourism destinations are build by community for community, Gavi doesn’t disappoint. Serene and wild, Gavi is the perfect chiaroscuro of nature. Located in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, it is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India today. This month, I got the opportunity to explore the region in its entirety with my family and believe me, it was nothing less than any of my best traveling experiences.

A memorable trek through forests from Thekkady to Gavi

Manan enjoying mesmerising view of Gavi Mountains.

Access to Gavi from Thekkady was awesome as the road goes through the forest to reveal mesmerizing sights. The state government and tourism department run a slew of eco-tourism activities just to ensure that travelers hailing from different parts of the world get the best time of their life and that too, without spending a fortune for the same. We experienced Mother Nature in all her glory as an abundance of greenery (tea and pine plantations) surrounded us as we made our trip from Thekkady to Gavi. I would love to tell my readers that they would find streams flowing between the small hills and the endless landscape that holds so many surprises and promises for all.

I always love capturing beautiful moments with my camera wherever I go. At Thekkady, the forests covered in mist inspired and urged me to click several photographs that I would love to share with you all, check some Kerala photography here . I have something more to tell you about the forests that kept inviting us throughout the journey. These forests are comparatively darker than those in other regions, not to mention the frequent blessings of the rain gods. I, with my wife and kids, were lucky enough to get drenched by the rain, which, undeniably, allowed us some respite as mercury had been soaring high for last 10-15 days.

Local guide and local communities guided us through the region

We were fortunate enough to get the services of a local guide who knew the area fully and was well-versed with the native language; so, communicating with the community became so very easy for us. Well, I can’t help but appreciate fabulous work done by state tourism department in Gavi which is allowing locals to get better job opportunities, and even establish they own eco-tourism business. We had a beautiful trailing experience in Gavi which provided us our chance to witness the gloriously eco-friendly surrounds of the region from above.

A definite paradise for vegetarian foodies, Gavi has all sorts of options to flaunt – thanks to local communities that do their level best to serve the best food made from locally grown vegetables, herbs, spices, and cereals to travelers. We had our lunch in Gavi and appreciated every crumb of it. It’s actually heartening to see that Gavi manages to generate most of its revenue itself by utilizing the services of locals who are committed to put Gavi on the itinerary of every eco-tourism freak.

While exploring the magical land and talking to people of the region, I found out that the State government of Kerala has taken several commendable steps to promote the ecotourism initiatives in Gavi and the forests of Konni-Adavi. Undeniably, for any travel enthusiast like me, it’s an encouraging bit of information for sure.

Eco-tourism initiatives pay back to local community

Wherever I go, I make it a point to talk to the locals to get the first hand knowledge of the area. One thing that I would definitely love to share with you all is that revenue generated through eco-tourism facilities across the Gavi region is given back to the community directly or indirectly – in one form or the other. Next, if anytime soon you would visit Gavi, you are sure to love how locals treasure their natural wealth. Since locals understand the importance of pure environs, you won’t find even the least trace of any damage done to the nature.

Situated in God’s own country and unblemished by man and his modern machines, the scenic beauty of Gavi is like poetry for all nature lovers. The locals further understand that eco-tourism will thrive only when travelers get to find what they come there for. Accordingly, if boating, trailing, museum, trekking, and other such eco-tourism activities attract you; you will find no other destination more suited to your fancies.

Already attracting the attention of eco-tourism freaks

For obvious reasons, this eco-tourist spot is widely gaining popularity among travelers from all over the globe. Accordingly, just recently, it was listed as a leading eco-tourism center in ‘Alistair International’, the world acclaimed tourism major. And for birdwatchers like me, Gavi is an absolute paradise with over 250 species of birds surrounding your existence.

Well, it is only recently that tourism began here and Gavi got introduced to the outside world. Thus, despite having so many wonders on offer, mystery still surrounds this virgin destination. So, for any nature-enthusiast who feeds his senses in the pursuit of unknown, his or her stay at Gavi is going to be an unforgettable experience for sure. Well, you can always have my word on this!

From Gavi I moved to Munnar, check out my Travel blog for more.

A week is never enough to explore a place that has nature, adventure, beauty, and opulence written all over it; nonetheless, I managed to be a part of several revelries on offer at Gavi. In all its likeliness, Gavi provided me and my family with the much-need disconnect from the routine. Thus, I seriously believe that Gavi should be on your list of eco-tourism destinations that you could remember visiting for the rest of your life.

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