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Places that became popular tourism destinations by accident

Accidents can occur anytime with anybody, some accidents make our life like hell, and some can give a new direction to our lives. When we talk about tourism destinations, there are many places, which were nothing as they get name and fame after an accident. Following we have some tourism destinations or spots that accidentally converted into popular tourism destinations.

Door to Hell, Karakum Desert

A big black hole is located in the middle of the desert, which is known as “Door to Hell.” This big hole has not gone out of fire for last 40 years. This giant hole is located in Turkmenistan and it is filled with natural gas, which burns day and night. It has become one of the most popular tourism destinations of the country. It was an accident that converted the place into a renowned tourism destination.

The site was identified by geologists in early 1970s and they thought that they could find useful natural gas and petroleum at this site and started drilling. During the procedure, the ground surface collapsed, revealing a hole with a diameter more than 200 ft and filled with methane. The engineers thought that the giant hole could release harmful gas that would endanger nearby population, so they decided to burn out the gas and they set the hole on fire.

Surprisingly, that fire did not stop and it is still on flames today. This accident converted the place into a popular tourism destination. The president of the country ordered to seal the hole in 2010, with the motive to reduce the future risk to local people. But, the flame still burns and people visit the place to gaze at the “door to hell.”

Great blue hole, Belize

It is one of the oldest and the strangest places on the earth, which was formed thousands of years ago due to an accident. It is the largest submarine sinkhole located off the coast of Belize. The hole is circular in the shape and it is over 300m deep. This hole was formed during several episodes of quaternary glaciations when the sea level was much lower that it is today.

It is amongst the favorite destinations of scuba divers who love water and are lured by the opportunity to dive in the crystal clear water. Great blue hole hosts various marine species such as bull shark, Caribbean reef shark, juvenile fish species, midnight parrot fish, and other species. Divers can also get a chance to explore the caves and other interesting things in the “Great Blue Hole.”

RSM Queen Mary

It is a beautiful tourism attraction and is a retired Ocean liner that sailed primarily on the North Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967. The original name of the ship is Royal Mail Ship Queen Mary. It was a big ship but was converted into a troopship with the outbreak of World War II. But, by 1965, the management of the ship was operating the ship in a huge loss, which forced them to retire the ship. After her retirement in 1967, the ship steamed to Long Beach, California.

The ship is now permanently moored in Long Beach as a tourist attraction and a beautiful hotel, event facility, and a museum. It is a perfect place to spend your holidays as you can dine and enjoy your wine in an amazing atmosphere. Visitors can also visit the museum and can know about the journey of the ship.


Sometimes, untoward incidents make rare places and events that convert places and locations into tourism destinations. The unique appearance of these destinations are inviting for the tourists and visitors.

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