Budgeting Dark Tourism

Budgeting is an essential feature of Dark tourism as it gives you a direction to the estimates of expenditure involved. The cloud of mist gets clarified, and you arrive at the decision if the funds available with you are enough to cover your trip expenses. You may defer your tour program if you are financially not ready to undertake the voyage as it is embarrassing and even dangerous to find yourself in a state of cash crunch just half way through your Dark tourism trip.

Much of your budgetary decision would be guided by following:

  • Location of the destination.
  • The social, economic and political condition of your destination.
  • The season of your visit.
  • The quality of infrastructure available as regards hotel accommodation, transport facilities, restaurants and eateries, shopping malls, museums and sites exhibiting the remains of large scale atrocities and destruction.
  • General awareness and level of education of the local inhabitants and their exposure to globalization and modernity.

Location plays an important part in budgeting dark tourism. Visiting Congolese genocide site, places where the autocrat Idi Amin had carried out his beastly exploits or other African sites of carnage and widespread destruction calls for a slim budget as compared to viewing Nazi camps in highly developed Germany or the Hiroshima memorial in highly affluent Japan. Your expenses will count on the standard of accommodation, food and transportation available depending upon the positional advantage of the destination. This gets certainly reflected in your tour budget plan. Then off course discounts on availing bulk services like forming large tour groups and booking a number of hotel rooms is possible in expense cutting method.

Booking of flights well in advance can get you rebate benefit which you must avail. Dark tourism locations usually features museums and preserved areas where remains of the ghastly nightmares are restored intact. Mounds of skulls, fragments of apparels worn by the victims long dead, murder weapons and torture devices are displayed as an ugly contrast to our achievement of all round progress and modernization in a rather satirical exhibit. The tourist needs to capture the entire scenario and photography is the best way to go about it. Expenses related to photography must be factored in your Dark tourism budget.

Look for offseason discounts with hotels and resorts as it leaves some space in your budget schedule to spend elsewhere. Mementos, relics, replicas and artifacts recalling the dreadful past that led to a loss of human lives in thousands would be on sale by local vendors in and around the disaster sites. Budget should accommodate the expenses incurred on procuring these souvenirs of immense historical and political value. The items you decide to buy may appear bland with no special quality setting them apart as a decorative piece. Yet these may turn out quite expensive due to their historical and macabre connection with genocide and large scale torture.

If you intend to buy a replica of authentic Nazi pistol or torture weapons to add to your curio collection, the idea may turn quite expensive, and you need to make a provision for such purchases in your budget framework. The season you intend to visit the Dark tourism sites has a profound bearing on your budget. If you visit Germany during winter to explore what the concentration camps were like, you need to take warm clothing if you don’t have enough stock of woolen garments and that gets a place in your budget prior to visiting Auscwitz, Dachau and Buchenwaldt, the burning examples of hell on earth.

On the whole, like any other niche tourism, Dark tourism with all its typical features taken into consideration calls for expenditures to be incurred to achieve the full blown satisfaction of your trip. A well planned budget would exactly help you control your expenses at an optimum mix of cash outflows vis a vis the pleasure drawn from your Dark tourism venture!

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