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Guide to understand a non-romantic girl and how to carry on romantic conversation

dating a non romantic girl

You cannot blame a person for how she is. Everyone has a different personality. The best we can do is adjust ourselves better according to the needs of others. For most of us, being romantic is very obvious. We think that everybody understands romance. This makes it hard for us to understand that there are non-romantic people too, to whom romance is stupid and boring and who find that love lies outside of it.

Guide to understand a non-romantic girl and how to carry on romantic conversation

What are all the things to keep in mind while dating a non-romantic girl?

  1. How to find out why she is not Romantic?

  2. Why to respect her choices?

  3. Why do things that she likes?

  4. Why not try to be romantic?

  5. How to keep your relationship stable?

  6. Why is commitment and Love important?

  7. How love Changes, Trust Doesn’t?

  8. Why sometimes it is Good to Let Go Off?

  9. How love Will Bring in the Faith?

  10. What are the top tips to carry on a romantic conversation?

  11. Why to be cheesy?

  12. How to be sincere?

  13. How to be honest?

  14. How to make Eye contact?

  15. Why let them talk?


What are all the things to keep in mind while dating a non-romantic girl?

When it comes to love, most of us are not materialistic. The happiness of such people is not dependent on material things. There are things that you don’t know when are falling for somebody for example, you don’t know if the other person is romantic or not? Most of us come across a situation in life when we fall for somebody who is not very sentimental. We expect gestures of love and affection at certain instances and end up getting disappointed. For all those people who have an unromantic girlfriend, here is the list of things to make you understand her in a better way:

1. How to find out why she is not Romantic?

why she is not Romantic

The first step to understand an unromantic girl is to question what sorts of things catch her attention and why she is not romantic. Most girls are romantic but they are too shy to show it so, it is better to try out your luck simply by asking her. It is your job to make them feel better about the idea of being romantic with you as her boyfriend.

2. Why to respect her choices?

You should never ignore the fact that your girlfriend is unromantic so, giving her roses or a box of chocolates is pointless. This gesture will bring no good but will end up getting her annoyed. This would also give her the signal that you don’t respect things that she likes or you annoy her deliberately which will definitely put her off.

3. Why do things that she likes?

Do things that she likes

You should start doing things that your girlfriend likes to do. For instance, if she likes to listen to different rock bands then you should surprise her but taking her to concerts.

You should try to figure out things that you both like to do. This way you both will get a chance to spend quality time together.

If she has a favorite band or a childhood book, you should give her something that she could associate you with. If she has a favorite band then you should give her a wall poster or something like that.

4. Why not try to be romantic?

Whenever you are with your girlfriend, make sure that you do not do anything that she find cheesy or stereotypically romantic because she might want you to put effort into getting to know her.

If your girlfriend is not comfortable with you touching or kissing her in public then you should realize that and be comfortable with this idea.

How to keep your relationship stable?

At times, however, when you find that being romantic is too cold, you must remember that there are other things to your relationship too. Basing your relationship on these things would make it healthy and satisfactory. Here are 5 things other than romance that keep your relationship stable.

1. Why is commitment and Love important?

Commitment and Love

Are you afraid that you will cheat on your partner? Or, do you keep on worrying that your partner will cheat on you? Are you 2 in love with each other? If you are indeed in love with each other, there shouldn’t be any question of mistrust. In fact, you can trust each other so completely that you can be sure of the fact that, your partner will open up to you if he or she is interested in someone else. This would truly mean faithfulness to your partner to an unquestionable level. You will not have to put any effort at all. All you will have to do is, love them and love doesn’t really take a whole lot of effort. Hence, you can effortlessly stay in love and loyal to your partner.

A lot of people think it’s the marriage that brings faithfulness and commitment to a relationship. However, if you are in love, you don’t really require anything else. Nothing can beat the love that exists between two people. It automatically brings in the trust and everything else. You don’t really need a paper or a commitment like marriage. Love will bring in everything. You will not feel the need for anything at all. Love will bring in faith and trust.

2. How love Changes, Trust Doesn’t?

Love Changes, Trust Doesn’t

Love changes with time. However, the mutual feeling of trust doesn’t go away as long as there is love between you two. If you really really love your better half, the best of proofs will not betray your trust. It is only with love that one can have such deep rooted trust on each other. If it is so, no matter what happens, you and your partner will vouch for each other. You are literally going to stand up for each other at any point in time. If the love is that strong, there will be absolutely no place for mistrust. No matter, what other people say, you will always back up your partner. All of this, because of the love!

3. Why sometimes it is Good to Let Go Off?


If you find it difficult to trust yourself or your partner then, you need to re-question and reassess the feeling of love that the 2 of you share. The commitment will not feel like a burden if you love your partner truly. You shall be so blissful and happy with each other that you will simply not feel like looking elsewhere for the pleasure. Such is the capacity of love! It is going to change your life forever if it happens. Your definition of trust and loyalty will no longer be the same after you have found love.

Yes, research and statistics of splits and divorce are high. Times are changing and people no longer take things lying down. Hence, people often show their partners the door. However, the reason for these splits isn’t always mistrust. There are plenty of reasons why people split. Also, if a partner is found cheating, it is best that you let them go. For, if they really loved you, they wouldn’t cheat on you. If they are cheating, they obviously don’t love you. Hence, it is time you found someone who really loves you. Love someone who deserves your love and can be trusted.

4. How love Will Bring in the Faith?

True love makes you perfect

Staying faithful to a partner isn’t all that difficult a task. You will not be able to believe how easy loyalty is after you have really fallen in love. If loyalty seems like a difficult task to you, you really should think about your partner. Yes, commitment is a big step but it doesn’t feel like something so big, when you fall in love. You will feel beautiful, happy and loved and never once, will you feel the need to cheat. Love is a strong feeling in itself. Hence, any force, any marriage or any relationship cannot work on the basis of loyalty. However, if it works on the basis of love, loyalty won’t be an issue at all.

You will easily be able to give away the requisite commitment to your partner without them having to ask for it. In fact, you might find yourself wondering, what is so difficult about it. The most commitment phobic people can commit to their better halves if they are really in love with their partners. Trust is not a deal or anything that you have to work on. It is something that happens naturally. Absolutely no kind of give and take, talks or any such thing is required to gain each other’s trust. It just happens quite easily. Love is a strong factor and it brings in all aspects of the relationship with itself. It will beautifully bind the 2 of you together. So, Just love love love!

What are the top tips to carry on a romantic conversation?

 a romantic conversation

Even if you are dating a non-romantic girl, you can engage in romantic conversations but in a different way. You need not shun your romanticism for the sake of your partner but try to ignite the romantic spark in her too. As the saying goes, companionship matters, who knows that being in your company your un-romantic partner will not turn romantic?

Conversation is the integral part of developing a relationship whether you are married to somebody, dating someone for quite some time, or still in the first stage of your relationship. If you are not expressive, you can never tell him/her how much they mean to you. Being romantic is not only limited to giving chocolates or taking shower together, you have to make use of the verbal expressions as well. Men are usually more experienced in the art of verbal expressions. Mentioned below are the tips for both men and women to carry on a romantic conversation.

6 Why to be cheesy?

make conversation in a flow

The first rule of carrying on a romantic conversation is to be cheesy with your partner if you are a male, because the act of being cheesy does not suit women. Your cheesiness might look silly but it wouldn’t if you are comfortable with your partner. The cheesiness will help you to make conversation in a flow. But be cautious with your non-romantic partner while being cheesy. If your love is genuine, she may like your cheesiness tomorrow.

How to be sincere?

Give her sincere compliments about the way she dress up or carries herself. This holds even if your lover is un-romantic. Remember, your sincerity will not hold back your words rather they will come out from your mouth in a romantic pattern. This will also make the communication gap disappear between you two.

How to be honest?

honesty and loyalty in a relationship

If you have feelings for somebody then be honest about it. Don’t keep feelings to yourself. This technique will never help you with your love life. Telling the person that you have feelings for him/her does not make you vulnerable. On the contrary, never say things to your loved ones that you don’t mean to because this will never make your conversation romantic.

How to make Eye contact?

Maintaining eye contact is very important while making a romantic conversation because the words your mouth is unable to utter, your eyes deliver it. Furthermore, if you avoid making eye contacts, your partner will get the hint that you are not interested in talking to her

Why let them talk?

love being praised and appreciated

If you are nervous and finding it difficult to talk then the best way to tackle such a situation is to let the other person talk for some time. If it’s your first date or you have known this person for quite some time, the most common ice breaking question is what you have been up to? While the other person will be thinking of a suitable answer, it will give you some room to get yourself back on track.

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