Essential components of dark tourism

Dark tourism is founded upon a platform not quite common with its counterpart tourism niches. Apparently the components sound negative blocking any inflow of tourists and exactly here lies the paradox. Words and elements like carnage, war, death, torture, mass graveyard and catastrophe should have been quite disgusting for the visiting tourists extinguishing their interest, but to the contrary these apparently repelling features turn out appealing drawing crowd from home and abroad and certainly are a few components that make Dark tourism successful.

Among the chief components that make up Dark tourism, the historical and academic significance must exist. The dates are important as is the horror element connected to the gruesome deaths. The most important element perhaps is the weird psychological construction of the human mind. It is not always all the good elements around us should appeal us. Though it depends upon the man concerned, the shocks delivered by death and disaster, genocide and gore fest quite often gives him the necessary pleasure kicks to bring upon a change that he looks for in every phase of our lives. Human mind is fluid; one moment it loves to be amid religious gathering inside a temple and the next moment given the right combination of timing and environment one relishes the savage spectacle of a cape buffalo being pulled down and torn to pieces by a pride of hungry lions.

Misfortunes and chronologically worth mentioning butchery have been hugely responded by the tourists. War, death and documentations on bloodied political conflicts and the related artifacts comprise a big source of tourist enticement globally. The revulsion, the deterring episodes and the gross offensive that has led to a socio political stigma putting a blemish on the destination in fact had been the basic module supporting Dark tourism. The visitor response and the motives that prod them on to visit places where death, destruction and genocides have occurred are essential components of dark tourism. An inclination towards history and the level of political awareness and edification of the consumer tourists are important components as well.

Grisly spectacles, death sentences delivered to criminals serving imprisonment in the most horrible way, archeological digs revealing mass slaughter could well be essential components of Dark tourism. Trips to destinations motivated by spectacles of violent death manifested by relics and other objects of lethal character are furthermore elements of Dark tourism.

The role of literature and media backed by illustrations and factual revelations of the gory past could be key components. These sources generate awareness and interest among tourists who realize that such horrid destinations do exist and stand till today as a testimony to catastrophic incidents occurred way back in the past extinguishing life and devastating property on a massive scale. The attitude and encouragement shown by the government towards Dark tourism together with support from the tourism department, the travel agents, local population and business set ups are important factors.

Infrastructural supports like proper accommodation, law and order, local administration and transportation network are also indispensable components on which the sustenance of Dark tourism rests.

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