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Scratch proofing the iPhone with invisibleSHIELD

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The fact that you have spent big bucks on your new iPhone only goes to show that you really have good taste. I know many of us love the phone for its shiny-squeaky look. To mar it with jelly covers or hyped-up crystal frames is really killing the design. You need something that will protect the device yet blend with the aesthetics. The invisibleSHIELD kit from Zagg is an ideal answer for the iPhone-protection-situation. It offers a scratch-proof exterior to your phone, without acting as a hindrance or design obstruction. The kit includes 4 precision cut film pieces, a spray, and a squeegee.

A few moments of DIY and patience will give you the perfect shield for the iPhone (works with iPhone 3G as well). The clear glass-like finish belies the fact that you have installed a shield on your phone. No one even needs to know. Now you can go out there and act like a chump, who really has an attitude to match his iPhone’s killer glossy looks!

iphone cover m3lyY 5965

Via: Zagg/ Yanko Design

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