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Pavlok wristband: Review

Designed by Maneesh Sethi and Behavioral Technologies, the Pavlok wristband is a habit-forming wearable device. This is a special kind of bracelet designed to bring real changes in your habits.


The Pavlok wristband is created with such features that can actually turn your bad habits into some good work. You can wear this stylish device as a habit-forming gadget or a tech fashion accessory. This wearable gadget has embedded sensors that would keep a check on the achievement of set goals. These sensors can detect whether a person is actually following the set routine or not. Some social factors will also be integrated in this device.


This new wristband is different from other wearable gadgets in the sense that it helps you in achieving the goals you have set for yourself. If you miss your goals, then this device gives you a substantial amount of shock on your wrist. When its sensors detect a missed goal, the device will shock you. This not only helps you in following all your set goals, but also makes you shun your bad habits. Ranging from fitness maintenance to leaving cigarettes, this device can support you with all goal-oriented tasks. Due to its linkage to social platforms, your friends would also be able to control your bad habits by implementing certain punishments on you. Thus, the Pavlok wristband is an effective and high-performance gadget for target achievement.

Ease of use

You can use the Pavlok wristband very easily. You just need to set your goals on a simple interface and wear this gadget on your wrist. It will do the rest of work.


This wearable device is highly useful for achieving goals or leaving bad habits. While many other wearable gadgets are confined to the tracking of specific schedules, the Pavlok wristband goes a step ahead in punishing you when you miss your goals. Punishment creates a psychological effect on your brain that directs you to avoid punishment by reaching your goals. Thus, this gadget is more effective in helping you to wake up on time, follow your gym routine, finish your work on time, cut down on smoking, and reach almost any goal you set for yourself. Thus, it can become a critical part of your disciplined life.

Value for money

After sufficient funds are arranged, Sethi plans to launch this gadget at a price of around $250. While it may seem a little costlier to some people, it can be worth buying if it delivers what it promises to deliver.

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