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Nokia 808 Pureview to launch in India this May

Nokia has finally announced that Nokia 808 PureView would be hitting the market in May. Nokia 808 PureView would flaunt the highly appreciated PureView technology when it’s released. This phone would have a high power 41 megapixel optical sensor accompanied by Carl Zeiss Lens. The sensor and lens along with advanced imaging algorithms create a quality totally unimaginable.

Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView was acknowledged as the best device at MWC 2012. PureView camera is a new standard in mobile imaging and photography. This phone would also capture HD videos in 1080p. Along with HD videos, this phone has a special microphone which captures CD like audio. This was never possible without specialized microphones.

This phone has improved multimedia, without an exception of audio. This phone flaunts Dolby Headphone technology, which exhibits unparalleled performance whether you listen to on a pair of headphones or a Dolby digital plus for 5.1 sound system. Russia and India will be among the first recipients of this gadget.

Nokia also stated that they would be constantly working with Carl Zeiss in future to improve the experience further. Carl Zeiss’s involvement can’t be ignored in the creation of technology. To demonstrate the quality of this camera, Nokia published a few snapshots on Flickr. The images are rich, bright and unbelievably clear. It seems that Nokia is becoming a pioneer in mobile imaging technology and we can expect them to improve this further. This has set a new bar for cellphone manufacturers and we foresee a great development in this area, in upcoming years.

Via: Nokia

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