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Uselessly hyped cellphones that you’ll regret lusting after

While the cell phone companies are constantly trying to meet the expectations of the customers, they keep on experimenting with the designs to create something out of the box. While a lot of cell phone models become the hype of the market, a few fail to deliver what they promise. Unless the particular model has something very unique to offer, the tough competition at times makes it very difficult for the cell phones to survive. Considering that even the best brands have made some silly mistakes, here’s a list of the 10 cell phones which failed to make a positive impression in the market:

Google Nexus One

The Google Nexus One failed to create magic despite the hype. It failed to live up to the promise as well as the expectations which had been set for it. The only plus point of this handset is that it packs of great software. But its weak points are many. Some of these weak points which doomed this handset to failure are marginal wireless provider, weak hardware, weird Web-only sales to name a few. This mediocre handset was left behind by other Android handsets such as EVO 4G and HTC Incredible.

BlackBerry Torch

Despite having a touchscreen and a sliding QWERTY keyboard, the BlackBerry Torch could not pull a chord in the hearts of the customers. While on the one hand Apple managed to sell 1.7 million iPhones on the very launch weekend whereas RIM on the other hand sold only 150, 000 units. Yet it is too early to draw any conclusion as of now as RIM has only released it in the United States.

Microsoft Kin phones

Kin phones right from the beginning doomed as it got tepid reviews as well as plagued by extremely poor sales reports. This incomplete smartphone is just too expensive. Despite having a browser along with access to social networking sites via widgets, Kin phones are not really smartphones. Microsoft crippled the functionality of the handset as a whole by not including games or apps in it. The handset also lacked cool factor.

Palm Pre Plus

This handset even during the time of its launch was not a complete surprise. Despite having a couple of good features, this phone failed to attract audiences. Its good features have been overshadowed by its weaknesses. The weaknesses include the volume of the speakerphone is too soft, and it is devoid of camera editing and landscape keyboard options. It also does not support V Cast Music and Video.

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide

This handset failed to create the right impression among customers. It has a couple of weaknesses. Firstly its features fails to offer up-to-date information as a result of which often one saw old status messages on Facebook which would take some time to update to most recent one. Another major problem of this handset is that often customers faced a difficulty not while composing the message but instead with the name. To add to it, the voice which reads text messages is pretty robotic with mispronunciations being a common problem. Last but not the least, the camera of this handset has a bad picture quality.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro

This absolutely tiny handset is just rubbish for watching videos, web browsing as well as playing games. The most annoying factor is the absolutely tiny sized text preview window. But the most disappointing factor is that it runs on Android 1.6 which at present is practically ancient. Another major weakness is that this handset does not support multi-touch gesturing or Exchange.

Motorola i1

Despite having a smart and attractive look and also being equipped with a couple of up to date features and specifications, this handset too failed to live up to people’s expectations. It has several weaknesses such as the touchscreen is somewhat responsive to touch and reading text is a difficulty as the handset boasts of a rather small screen.


This handset too is preloaded with several attractive features but these are overshadowed by its weaknesses. The handset lacks camera shutter, and its lens protection too is quite insufficient. It could have had a better hardware too. Behind its convincing disguise of being a modern handset, the HTC HD2 is lagging behind its competitors with respect to fast OS development, general user experience as well as new app development.

RIM BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330

This handset is not much different from that of Curve 8530 apart from a couple of cosmetic changes. Some of its weaknesses include poor photo quality, camera software having just few new features and the same is the case with the music player.

Dell Aero

This handset has fallen short to impress amid other existing high-end Android handsets that are presently available in the market. It is equipped with a mediocre hardware and is indeed an embarrassment for Android. Its major setback is that it runs on Android 1.5 as a result of which it lacks latest improvements with respect to software keyboard, user interface, voice commands, Google Maps and live wallpapers.

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