Medical tourism as the most viable alternative of ObamaCare

The strongest reason behind the success of medical tourism industry is affordability of important and essential medical facilities. A comparative study between the prices of medical facilities offered by developed and developing countries will easily prove this. The cost of basic medical facilities is so high in the developed nations like the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia that the citizens are unable to afford it. They are now more than eager to travel overseas despite of the unknown dangers and problems that may arise.


Medical tourism facilitators are promoting their business as the best solution or rather substitute of ObamaCare. The rising prices of medical or health insurance policy premiums are forcing people to look for other suitable substitutes. Business and trend analysts think that in the coming years medical tourism industry will expand faster because more US citizens will turn towards it.

More than ninety different countries are now providing medical tourism facilities. Even some states of USA like Florida and Southern Nevada are trying to draw the attention of foreign patients. Medical tourism is a thriving and prosperous industry. There is very little chance of stagnation in this industry as people will continue to need medical attention and facilities. The medical facilitators are continuously trying to enhance the services they provide to their clients. They are not just offering better services but also giving detailed information to assure the safety and security of patients.


Every year more patients are traveling to far away countries for major surgeries. This shows that they are no more afraid to undergo surgeries in a foreign land. Every year an approximate $2.2 trillion is spent on medical health care in the US. The cost of basic medical consultation and diagnostic tests are spiraling upwards at such a high speed that it has put the medical experts of America in a tight spot.

By traveling to one of the medical tourism destinations like India, Thailand or Costa Rica patients can save up to 80% of their money. Major operations like knee replacement and heart valve replacement are done at the fraction of the cost but at the same time quality of medical treatments are maintained. Medical tourism facilitators will be able to earn more from their trade in the coming years as demand for cheap medical care rises.


Medical tourism is a thriving industry, which is being held as the best substitute of pricey Obama care. Every year millions of patients are traveling to the developing nations to get medical treatments at less than half the price demanded in their homeland.

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