Getting payments can be difficult for medical tourism facilitators

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Apparently, there are no problems in cross border commerce and the prospects of medical tourism business sounds too good to be true. The reality is that medical tourism facilitators have to face problems often regarding timely payments. The rules of payment collection have some serious loopholes, which put the medical tourism facilitators in a tight spot.


They have to use and apply complicated methods and invest their hard-earned money for collecting payments from the patient parties. Such difficulties can eat into the total sum they earn from providing medical facilities to the foreign patients. Not getting the payments in time can be very frustrating for the medical tourism facilitators. Every medical tourism facilitator must observe some basic rules of safety for smooth and problem free transactions.

If you are taking part in cross border commerce then do follow some basic principles to safeguard your business. Do not involve with parties whom you cannot trust fully. Conduct business transactions only after being sanguine about the party you are dealing with. You must have a good relationship with the people involved in the business and who owe you money.

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Try to get reference from your trustworthy and existing clients or associates. Do your research and if you find the clients to be both eligible and credible only then take matters forward. Another important technique of ensuring timely payments is to get a deposit in the beginning of the business transactions. You must learn the rules and business regulations of the foreign countries so that the transactions get completed faster and without any delays.

Do seek the help of the government or government organizations for getting timely payments. The governments generally help in the procurement of payments to save the prestige of the country. One big problem faced by medical tourism facilitators is the identity of their clients. Many people use fake IDs and pertain to be someone else for getting a medical tourist visa.


If you fall prey to this kind of people then there is very thin chance of getting the payments. It is important that you run a thorough background check and find out all about the customers. Try to fetch a good business relationship and notice the behavior of the patients. If you are satisfied then proceed to the next step. Get proper contracts made and signed by the clients for legal battles later on.


Cross-country business transactions can be tricky. It might take lot of time before you get your payments. Make sure that the clients are not using fake IDs and have a good intention before transacting business.

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