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Promoting medical tourism via specialty hospitals

Promoting medical tourism

The medical tourism industry has been seeing a steady growth over the past few years. The number of medical tourists traveling from countries, such as the US and UK, to countries like India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and even Vietnam has also increased manifold. While reduced healthcare costs are the major reasons why people opt for medical treatment in developing countries, the quality of healthcare provided at specialty hospitals in these countries is also one of the major reasons for these overseas medical visits.

Here we attempt to take a closer look at how specialty hospitals around the world promote medical tourism. And to better understand the details, we will take one of the forefronts of the medical tourism industry, India, into consideration.

Over the past few years, a myriad of five star, multi-specialty hospitals have mushroomed all over the nation with the sole purpose of catering to the increasing numbers of inbound medical tourists. These specialty hospitals enjoy investments from major corporate players and house qualified, skilled, well trained and highly experienced medical personnel. The specialty doctors in these facilities would be able to perform even the most complicated of surgeries with ease. Many of these doctors are also well known around the world for their skills pertaining to a specific medical procedure. As such, medical tourists would naturally opt for the multi specialty hospitals in the nation when they need to opt for these procedures/treatments.

Most of these specialty hospitals offer treatments and procedures at just a fraction of the cost a medical tourist would incur for the same back home. For instance, a cardiac bypass surgery would cost almost $100000 in the US, but would cost just about $6000 in a developing country. The thought of getting high quality medical care for such a reduced price at these specialty hospitals would be a driving factor in a patient’s choice of medical tourism destination.

Most of the specialty hospitals in India also receive generous incentives from the government, thereby making it easier for them to operate to their full potential. Some of these incentives include tax holidays, income tax exemptions, cheap land costs, custom tariff rebates, and low interest loans, etc. These factors would enable a specialty hospital maintain international standards and provider high quality care to medical tourists. Some specialty hospitals are also known to have tie ups with the government in order to ease visa processes for medical tourists. This would be a wining factor for those who wish to get treated and head back home as quickly as possible without facing any troubles with their visas.


Here are some of the main reasons why specialty hospitals worldwide promote medical tourism in their respective countries. The thought of being treated at a specialty clinic for reduced costs and other incentives would definitely lure medical tourists to these facilities increasingly. In addition, nations with more of these specialty hospitals would start seeing more inbound medical tourists in the coming years.

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