Medical tourism countering the negative impacts of health reforms

Health reforms have introduced a host of changes in the USA healthcare system. The drastic changes will have both long lasting positive and negative impacts in the lives of the middle class American citizens. Every citizen has the right of getting proper and inexpensive medical facilities but due to the new Health reform policies, soon the premiums for medical insurance and the waiting period for treatments will haunt the people seeking healthcare services.   

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It seems that the only plausible option left for the patients is medical tourism. Medical tourism lets the patients from developed countries travel to faraway foreign countries for getting timely treatments at affordable prices. It has turned into a booming industry that is expanding and growing very fast. The problems created by Health Reforms can only be countered by medical tourism.


The American companies that used to provide full medical insurance coverage to their employees are now under excessive pressure. Soon they will have to drop coverage or simply stop their business. Pressure is also on regarding the number of employees they can keep. Many big companies will turn their full time employees into part time employees.


According to survey results, at least 8 to 19 million Americans will lose coverage offered by their employees. This means that they will now have to buy insurance coverage on their own. Such a change will adversely affect their saving plans and increase their monthly expenses. Even after paying high premiums, the patients have to wait for a very long time for getting necessary surgeries done.


Patients have now become more aware of the rising costs and they are not hesitant in exploring an unconventional way for getting better treatments. The cost of major surgeries can be reduced by a staggering 60% to 70% if one travels to one of the medical tourism destinations like Thailand, Malaysia, India or Mexico.

The younger generations who have just come off age and started working are planning their medical expenses in a more organized way. They are interested in traveling to new places and save their hard-earned bucks. Easy availability of information has made it easier for every patient to check out the medical tourism destinations and choose the most suitable destination for their needs.

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