Join me to explore business opportunities at Europe’s biggest medical tourism event of its kind to take place at Rovinj, Croatia, says Dr Prem Jagyasi

I would like to share the highlights and significance of an upcoming mega event related to health and wellness against the backdrop of the growing popularity of global health tourism. The seventh celebrated Health Tourism Industry conference is to be held from 28thFebruary- 2ndMarch 2017at Hotel Lone in Rovinj, Croatia. It would be the largest European conference of its kind claimed by organizers of the event. Know more at

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“I share my excitement to join this prestigious health tourism conference as a speaker,and I hope that my vast experience as a keynote speaker in previous global medical tourism conferences would add more color to this event. Practically, I have travelled across the length and breadth within international medical tourism destinations. I have closely explored the scenario connected with the International health tourism, wellness tourism and global healthcare hence I would love to share my knowledge, thoughts and experiences in Croatia. Lets come together for networking and business opportunities.” says Dr Prem Jagyasi – an award winning global speaker.

Few encouraging stats from the past conference:

It was claimed by about 94% of the participants of the last conference that there would be a significant rise in their business due to this B2B meet.

-About 88% of the participants were able to meet their targets.

-As a result, about 74% of the participants expressed their interest in revisiting the conference in 2017.

The organizers of the conference see the meet as a golden opportunity for those participating forge a strong and mutual rapport to establish themselves firmly in the industry of medical tourism. The conference is believed to go a long way in furthering the business interests of the key players in the market. It would be a hotspot for vibrant interaction where experiences would be shared, partnerships would come into existence and innovative thoughts would be swapped taking the concept of health and medical tourism to new heights of achievement.

The CEO of HTI conference Mr Zdeslav Radovcic has very high hopes on the meet and expects it to be a bumper success showing the global health tourism a new light. He is highly optimistic that health tourism with its immense potential and consumer utility will spread across the world at a higher pace.

The introduction of two new international events, the ILHA (International Luxury Hotel Association) summit and the TTM (Taste the Mediterranean) festival. The venue of the conference will be at Hotel Lone in Ravinj. This mega meet, which is the first of its kind in the Europe, would see a prestigious gathering of eminent stake holders in the domain of international medical tourism. Major players from both the private and public sectors would participate, and the cutting edge 3-in-1 combined event and the inclusion of 2 novel events ILHA and TTMwould elevate the status of this mega event to a large extent in the global perspective. The events are planned amazingly which are educative and informative as well. The organizers are confident that it would be a great value addition for the participants.

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The conference would practically rise to a level of being a carnival of talent conglomeration where top professionals in the field from Europe, Africa, Asia, America and the Middle East would visit with their business models on the theme of health tourism. They would demonstrate and interact with the entire gathering throwing a valuable beam of light from both informative and interesting angles.The trends in the industry would be discussed, and the challenges and opportunities that the industry is currently facing would be explored highlighting live experiences and issues backed up by possible solutions as well.

Representatives from the European Commission and European parliament and the Medical Tourism Association have assured that they would actively participate and contribute their thoughts in the conference too. The conference would offer a platform for introduction of the service providers and service receivers and expects to eliminate any obstacle blocking free flowing exchange of ideas and issues between them. This would be an opportunity for the providers to learn the tricks for survival in the domain of medical tourism where the competition is rising every moment simultaneously with the expansion in business opportunities in the industry.

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The European Luxury Hospitality summit is aimed at hotels and hotel chains,educators, travel agencies and the representatives from the public sectors. The objective is to explore the latent opportunities and increase the volume of business thus making the bottom-line healthy.

Food and wellness go hand in hand. While Taste the Mediterranean festival is a food carnival, it is a gourmet adventure to the exotic Mediterranean kitchen wonders. However, from nutrition and health safety angle, it has received approval from the World Health Organization. True to its essence, Mediterranean cuisine is the healthiest food in the world and to prove and demonstrate that it is not a myth there would be heaps of European delicacies mesmerizing the crowd with the lip-smacking aroma.


Mediterranean food has been put on the prestigious UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage
Eminent Michelin star chefs and famed nutritionists of global repute would deliver their valuable lectures. They would also demonstrate practical workshops. A part of the meet is dedicated to awards to be conferred upon the best professional in the field of Health tourism.
The conference is a joint effort by Croatian chamber of Economy, Croatian Ministry of health and the ministry of Tourism.

It is expected to be a grand success showered with accolades and once again I admit I certainly feel honored to be present at the meet among global luminaries.

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