IIMTC aims to provide better healthcare across borders

Healthcare Across Borders

The first two day, International India Medical Tourism Congress, called ‘A journey of Health’ commenced from December 13 to 14, in 2014. This event turned out to be huge success and saw the presence of over 150 delegates from over 20 countries that include Thailand, Malaysia, USA, UK, Afghanistan, South Africa, Nigeria, and more. In this mega event, medical tourism was the prime focus, with the aim of developing it as a holistic industry on global grounds.


Discussions and efforts led to better understanding of the aspects so related to this industry and numerous platforms came into highlight that are much needed but have not been organized so far. The focus was on unleashing the untouched potential and utilizing it to make this industry grow big and better.

Various sessions were based on investment requirements that this sector needs and others focused on technological aspects, equipments, insurance etc that make a major part of the global medical tourism industry.

Unleashing the untouched potential and discovering newer areas


It is a known fact today that there are innumerable medical tourism facilities so available with over 100 countries working towards promoting medical tourism. India has also been one of the major names in the medical tourism destination, and it is being foreseen that Indian medical tourism industry will reach six billion $US by the end of 2018.

The fact that over 250 million people in the United States are still uninsured, and medical treatments become costlier each day, proves of much worth for the countries, trying to be big medical tourism destinations. Developing nations can largely benefit by focusing on the provision of high quality medical services at affordable costs, this can help them earn high-end clientele.

All nations should focus on availability and accessibility in one bowl. Social and cultural considerations though play a vital role, but major considerations still are of quality, accessibility, technology, and government support. The key to success is to focus on the unfocused and earn recognition world over.

Enhanced role of medical tourism facilitators

on medical tourism

With a massive rise in the concept of medical tourism worldwide, the role and the responsibilities of the medical tourism facilitators also increases. They have to focus on ‘Continum of Care’ program and should extensively deal with the postoperative care provisions.

Medical tourism facilitators can excessively help in brand building and roll out value added packages to drive the patients to the destinations they want them to visit. Loyal relationship between the client and facilitator adds a positive to the sign to the medical tourism industry and is one-step forward for the organization of the sector.


IIMTC’s first event was a huge success that highlighted the possible areas for growth of the global medical tourism industry and the enhanced role of medical tourism facilitators as well.

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