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Whitewashed floors complement lively decorating trends

Remodeling of homes is very important with time as it helps in keeping the house strong for a long period of time. Remodeling includes many tasks and one of them is whitewashing the floors and if you are planning to undertake this one for your home then you can also think about redecorating your home. Whitewashed floors will really complement the new and lively decoration of the house and if you are wondering about the trends that are hot this season then you need not worry as we have a whole list prepared for you.

Trends for decorating in the year 2013

Just like people houses too need a style makeover every now and then as it helps to change the mood around the place and it also adds the feeling of freshness. The ideas that we will discuss further in the article will help you in brightening up your home and making it look stylish than ever. Take inspiration from Mother Nature for adding that refreshing element to the home says an interior designer named Erinn. The color green is indeed very popular this season for decorating the house. Green is a color that symbolizes abundant life and you can use the different shades of green as per your preference.

The color green will come along with harmony and balance in the home. If you involve the stripes in the house then too you can make it look stylish. You can choose stripes pattern in the rugs or may in the art work for your place, the choice is all yours. If you are having confusion in choosing the patterns then go for floral patterns and leave the rest as they are ‘in’ this season. You can show your bold side with the patterns you choose for your home and make your house look stylish in every sense.

If you are redoing the floors of a room then go creative and use wide planks for the flooring. This will look unique and it is quite in fashion as well. Reclaimed wood can be used in more than one ways and in more than one rooms of the house. You can use it in your bedroom and you can also style your kitchen with it. The whitewashed floors extend tranquility to the place and they also offer comfort. You can choose from a million ways to decorate your house and make it happening in every manner.

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