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What are the Long-Term Effects of a Brain Injury?

Personal injury law is what you use in order to recover damages when you have been harmed or injured, or if a loved one was killed due to the negligence or intentional criminal actions of another. If you or a loved one have suffered from a brain injury due to an accident, then a personal injury attorney can help you.

Types of Brain Injuries

neural cells

Here are some common types of brain injuries that people suffer from after being involved in an accident.

Diffuse Axonal Injury

The brain is housed in a hard shell, but the brain itself is made up of millions of tiny neural cells. They all rely on proper blood flow to allow chemical messages to keep neurotransmitters and other brain cells healthy.

Brain tissue can swell just like any other tissue in the body can swell. When you bang your leg against a table you notice there’s a small bruise. Likewise, when the brain suddenly hits the inside walls of the skull, it gets swollen. That disrupts the blood flow to the cells, which causes myriad different cognitive and psychological effects and conditions. This happens when one car suddenly crashes into another, causing the brain to suddenly move inside of the skull.

The long-term effects of this condition can vary. Immediately, the victim usually goes into a coma and can be in a comatose state for at least 2 weeks.


swelling in the brain

Similar to what was described above, a concussion is when there is swelling in the brain from hitting the skull, except much less severe than the previously described condition. Sometimes a person immediately loses consciousness, sometimes they don’t.

It’s unclear what the permanent effects of concussions are, but research involving athletes, especially soccer players, shows that once the brain is injured, it never fully recovers. People who experienced severe concussions are at a greater risk of developing cognitive disorders later in life.

Other Types of Injuries

In addition to brain injuries, there are a number of injuries that can affect the spine and other parts of the body. Spinal injuries after car accidents result from a sudden blow to the spinal cord, discs, vertebrae, or ligaments. It can cause the delicate fibers to break or shear, and for the bone to become crushed or dislocated. Bruises, cuts, and scrapes are also very common after a car accident. With a lot of glass breaking and metal pieces bending or breaking, there are a lot of sharp objects around. Whiplash is another very common type of car accident injury that involves the sudden pulling and over-extension of the neck and shoulder muscles in a car accident.

How an Attorney Can Help?

Attorney Can Help

Your attorney will set up a consultation with you to learn more about your case. The attorney you hire will build your case using supporting documents as evidence. For example, your doctor can also write a letter explaining your diagnosis and prognosis that your attorney can provide to the insurance company. Other documentation, such as from the attending physician in the emergency room or the ER surgeon, can accompany information from any specialists you are seeing, including therapists. Click here to learn more about personal injury law and to find out how a compassionate personal injury attorney can fight for you so you can get the compensation that you deserve.

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