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Weirdest lakes known to man

<![CDATA[Somehow, the next word that comes to my mind after lake is ‘relax’, the calm and still water makes one feel relaxed. Although, this isn’t true all the time. Here we have a collection of lakes that would astonish you, thrill you or instill fear in you.

Aral Sea

It is weird to witness a drastic change.When a change is of the magnitude that a lake turns into a desert,that’s more than surprising. The Aral Sea is actually a lake that was called “sea” possibly due to its sheer size. Who so ever called it a Sea initially will be taken aback to see it now. The Aral Sea dried by mainly due to the irrigation projects in the (former) Soviet Union, for which the rivers feeding the Aral Sea were diverted. The eastern basin of the lake is now a desert called Aralkum desert.

Boiling Lake

This isn’t in hell, although you may come across the folklore, claiming the bottom of the lake to be a gateway to hell. This lake in Dominica is the second largest hot spring after the Frying pan Lake in New Zealand. The water in this world Heritage site is bubbling perpetually and a cloud of vapor can always be seen above the water. The temperature on the edges is between 180-197°F, no one has dared to register the temperature from the center of the lake, it’s damn hot. Taking a peaceful dip here is out of the question.

Lake Baikal

The Baikal Lake in southern Siberia, Russia is a World Heritage site, as many of the plants and animals are exclusive to the area. This is the world’s deepest lake, with a max depth of 1642 meters. Considering the volume of the lake, it is the largest fresh water lake in the world. Despite the low temperatures ranging between -2°F to 57°F, strangely there is ample wildlife in and around the lake.

Laguna Lake

Strange enough the water of this lake is like a pool of blood, it’s that red! This is a salt lake in Bolivia, which is close to the Chile border. Another strange fact is that the several islands in this lake are comprised of borax, the same substance that is used to make glass and ceramics. The color of the water is due to the red algae found there. Further, pink Flamingos compliment the scenic beauty of the red lake.

The weird facts about these lakes make them interesting, if I get the opportunity to visit them I would never miss. What about you?]]>


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