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Ways to start eco friendly fashion trends

eco friendly fashion trends

If you want to contribute to the ongoing green fashion brigade, then here is your chance to make a personal “green” fashion statement.  Many eco friendly fashion trends have hit the international market, and most have gained success through endorsements by popular celebrities.  However, such clothing has not really been a hit with the masses due to its limited appeal. The good news is that people are willing to go that extra mile in adopting an organic way of living and eco friendly fashion is increasingly gaining momentum.


It was only until movie stars starting flaunting their green ensembles that eco-friendly fashion made a roaring entry on to the fashion scene.  Many celebrities believe in eco friendly living and they have propagated the benefit of organic clothing through their willingness to contribute to the movement.

However, one thing that most people do not realise is that eco friendly fashion does not mean shifting to cottons in place of poly blend fabric.  This is because cotton plants are grown with many pesticides and are hence non-organically cultivated.  Therefore, green fashion means decreasing the volume of pesticides that are released every year and causing harm to the environment.

The most heartening news is that people are increasingly supporting or converting to eco friendly fashion in a bit to reduce their carbon footprint.  This increase in demand has infused more creativity in terms of styling and designs with reputed fashion designers joining the green bandwagon.

Many runways have special shows that are dedicated to innovative fashion lines displaying eco friendly apparel.  This has worked tremendously in displaying the versatility of such clothing and has helped popularise it globally as well.  In fact, there are multiple varieties of trendy eco friendly attire available and loads of options, which one can choose.

Another factor that would make you a green trendsetter is to “preach what you say,” in other words, ensure that you frequently wear organically produced clothing, so that it is endorsed publically in order to lead by example.  This would inspire others who would also try to make their own individual contributions to keeping the environment clean.

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