Trousers and shoes – How to get a match made in heaven

We all are more or less image conscious having a deep-seated conviction that our dress code has a bearing on the impact we create on the surrounding crowd. After having selected our outfit with a lot of fastidious exercise, we often get a discomforting feel that our pair of shoes doesn’t go well with the rest of our attire. Shoes are the first thing noticeable. They have the potential to enhance or tarnish your image at the outset.A mismatched pair of shoes can spoil the fine equilibrium of our public presence and the elegance of our image. 

The color wheel:

The color wheel is important for locating the exact color of shoes that would combine well with your pair of trousers. It might be a pair of denim or a pair of cotton trousers tailored to suit your fancy. The color wheel is the starting point; it is a circular spectrum divided into segments occupied by 12 different colors which include:
– Three primary colors red,yellow, and blue.
– Three secondary colors purple, orange and green.
– Six tertiary colors, a mix of red and violet, red and orange, yellow and orange, yellow and green, blue and green, blue and violet.

The entire color wheel can be sectioned into warm and cool areas. Warm colors are bride, energetic and loud. They are represented by red, orange, yellow and green.Cool colors are tranquil and inspire a relaxed ambience represented by blue, purple and light green.

White, black and grey are absent from the color wheel. They are considered neutral not belonging to any technical class. The wheel gives an ample of liberty for color combination and to choose which color of shoes to put on with a pair of trousers of defined shade.

Going with the neutral black:

Black being a neutral and yet intense color should be handled with prudence. When matching other warm shades with black, one has to be aesthetically alert. Here we go with a range of color combinations in which black enjoys a big league status:

-Black and white colors are eternal combinations.A graceful mix of both these neutral colors would suit formal events.

-Black and red both of which are riotous could create ripples if combined well.
-Black and blue could intensify the impact of your outfit. They create an inspiring color combination. Depending upon the strength of the shade, the duo could bring out a serene vibe.
-A combination of black and grey are flexibly neutral. They offer an excellent platform for black outfits and gear.

Brown shoes with black trousers:

For a frank opinion, dark brown shoes and black trousers are simply out of place. If you are wearing an immaculate black suit and put on a pair of dark brown shoes, it is a gross mistake you have just made. It could be an indicator that you have picked up whatever pair of shoes you found handy without giving much deliberation to the taste part. However, if your brown shoes were a few shades lighter it might work a miracle with your black outfit. You will win appreciative gazes for your tasteful sense of dress.

Selection of shoes for navy trousers:

This is a versatile shade accommodating any color of shoes provided you get the character of function / event you are attending. For formal occasions, navy trousers would be an ideal combination for neutral colored shoes like dark, light brown, black or even grey. If you are on a vacationing mood, shoes of all colors from cherry red to deep purple could be an awesome dress option.

Blue trousers with brown shoes:

When wearing blue trousers with brown shoes, one should be careful enough as the degree of shade matters a lot. It might even raise a furor among old folks accompanying you to a gathering. Darker brown almost resembling black would be a better choice than tan or skin brown where the shade disparity is shockingly pronounced.

Grey trousers with brown and black shoes:

Grey is soothing while brown excites the canvas. A variation in brown would bring in an alteration in mood too. A combination of brown shoes with grey trousers with an admixture of the right shades could give a deadly effect. Grey suits with black shoes would go fine creating a perfectly formal ambience. However, a light grey could be dominated by a darker black. A charcoal grey would do well to correct the shade equilibrium.

Khaki trousers with black shoes:
Though the combination might look a bit like a professional uniform like that in the police department, the total impact is one of attention grabbing elegance. A good pair of Oxford shoes or penny loafers would unarguably help you escalate a new dimension of dress code.

Picking the perfect match of trousers and shoes may be baffling at times, but this guide about getting the right stylish match should lessen your troubles.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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