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Sustainable and responsible ideas for your Halloween Decor

If you have a mind to fascinate your buddies with your craftsmanship skills up cycling garbage, Halloween is the perfect occasion. Halloween fun is just not the iconic pumpkin that is supposed to give Goosebumps for its eerie connotation but embraces a lot more craft to liven up the spirit of the day.

Here we go with a few innovative ideas for designing an up cycled pumpkin:

  1. Sweater or sock pumpkin:

Up cycled sweater pumpkins are rather an easy crafting exercise and they look real cute!
You will need sweater sleeves for larger pumpkins and socks for the smaller ones.

  1. Old book page pumpkins:

It is possible to create an awesome up cycled pumpkin with unused and old books. Books yellowed with age that would simply have invited termites for a feast. A combination of innovative skills and patience would build a gorgeous Halloween décor.

  1. Burlap pumpkins:

The raw materials for these pumpkins are old coffee beans burlap bags. They look amazing as your artistic fingers work on giving the piece a finite shape.

  1. Repurposed wood pumpkins:

These pumpkins are crafted from wood and give you the pleasure of solving a jigsaw puzzle. Plywood or even recycled pallet wood could be put to use for this decorative piece.

  1. Recycled wind turbines pumpkins:

halloween decoration with brush painting pumpkin

This would require a little engineering adept to craft the up cycled pumpkin. It is a project in itself which is well worth a try. It is not made from a regular material.Nail it on a wooden fence post to create a wind spinner.

Few more ideas for you:

As we said, Halloween craft and all the fun that goes with it is not confined to pumpkins alone. There is lot more craft to share with your kids and spend some productive time with them. Here we go again with amazing 13 (watch the number!) Halloween crafts that give your Halloween a new look this 31st October.

A) Trash bag spider web:

This craft has a life and would last for years. These aren’t too big occupying space. They could be wrapped up once the Halloween is over, put to storage for use next year.

B) Sweet vintage Doily Ghosts:

These ghosts are cute and sweet and enchant your kids so much that they would make a great company. The eyes are large and endearing. They are easily available at thrift shops. Get a couple of them and see the smile on your kid’s faces.

C) DIY spider web frame:

Get an old frame from your store room or buy it from a thrift store. Deck your doorway with this spooky spider frame and the web. The guests to your house in Halloween would appreciate your ingeniousness.

D) Egg shell ghost mobile:

This hilarious egg shell artistry would lift the spirit on a Halloween night. Ensure that the eggs are sterilized. These can be put on faces for ghostly appearance and they can be hung from the ceiling as well. They trigger high voltage fun.

E) Paper machine puppets:

These puppets are a bumper hit with the kids. A couple of these puppets would help you keep your kids happy this Halloween.

F) Frankenstein craft:

The monster can be crafted from toilet paper rolls. Be a little imaginative and recall how the monster looked like! Yes you got to sew in stitches all over its face and forehead to retain the original movie appearance. Remember the drooping electric wiring from skull? You got to craft in these little detail with materials easily available.

G) Glow-stick lanterns:

This is easy crafting exercise that will absorb you. All you need is a couple of jars with lids and some colored glow sticks. This will add immense pleasure to your Halloween night.

H) Frankenstein monster can:

You need some kitchen cans and recycle them for creating the latest version of the monster. Tie a piece of magnet for spine chilling facial distortions live and moving!

I) Hardware Halloween pumpkin:

This would be an ideal Jack o lantern on Halloween night. Get to your backyard store and get the tool box. You will find an ocean of consumables for crafting this ghostly figure.

J) Recycled water bottle ghosts:

Recycled bottles can be used to craft glowing ghosts. Other materials you need are pieces of cheese cotton cloth. Let your kid be the artist this time!

K) Paper machine treat basket:

This trick or treat bag is environment friendly and a fun triggering awesome piece of craft. It gives an excellent twist to your Halloween home decor.

L) Card board haunting house:

This is far from scary but gives your kid some quality time to engage in a productive project and enhance the child’s cognitive and art skills. Above all it is pure fun.

M) DIY milk jug lanterns:

Before throwing your milk bottle or juice container give them a chance to a recycled life. They make amazing Halloween décor.

Halloween unleashes imagination and with innovative sustainable ideas you can have a great fun. 


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