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Trendy kitchens for small apartments

Kitchen shares a very special space in your house and it is the highest attention seeking point. Having an aesthetic, attractive, fashionable and yet, space efficient kitchen adds to the joy of cooking. Nowadays when most of the modular kitchens are designed for large places, here are some designs that are especially designed for houses that have less space.


Fully loaded Electrolux modular kitchen by Sean Beattie:

Conceptualized by designer Sean Beattie, this model includes equipments such as coffee maker, freezer module, microwave and dishwasher all arranged in a grid pattern. It also has modules for garbage disposal and food storage combined in a single unit. Most importantly, it is developed using eco friendly technology and touch controls.

Sustainably compact kitchen by Mappdaniel:

This model is designed by Mappdaniel and is the right option for those who desire for a technologically ideal kitchen. It is loaded with features such as sinks with taps that the user can control with infrared waves and folding grill chairs. It also has an oven and cooking hobs that you can control by touch. They also provide sufficient storage place.

Innovative high-tech circle kitchen from compact concepts:

This circular model is designed by Alfred Averbeck and can fit into all types of space-limited homes. It is convenient to use and it holds in itself all the essential kitchen necessities like a microwave, dishwasher and a sink. This model can be rotated to 360 degrees for the ease of use.

Kitchen tree: appliances as home design interior:

As the name suggests, this is a tree shaped kitchen design. It has a refrigerator attached to its centre and the other appliances are attached to it like the branches of a tree. The design makes it unique and at the same time gives a complete look.

Splinter works dime kitchen by Hartwell and Matt Withington

This kitchen model is one of the best examples of effective space management. It can be mounted on a wall and has an attached table. When not in use, it can be closed back thus providing extra space.


For those who are bothered by their large sized kitchen and want to use their place effectively, these models are a perfect choice. These designs are like small mini kitchens that will suit your requirement and add value to the place.


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