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Transforming furniture designs for space-cramped homes

Innovation and creation in furniture

Innovation and creativity has crept into everything today, even furniture. Today’s designers of modern furniture focus more on small or cramped places and make their furniture give best to get accommodated in such places and give maximum benefit to their users. This, they do, by transforming furniture in various sizes and suit different needs. Not only is this furniture more sustainable, but can also easily change shape as per our needs. No one can deny that these amazing furniture not only look appealing but also stand apart in terms of their use and appearance.

1. Design by Roel Verhagen-Kaptein:

Roel Verhagen-Kaptein Creation

This extremely compact and comfortable design serves three purposes in one; sofa, lounger, and a chair. Usually furniture look good in just one assembled way, but this appealing piece by Roel Verhagen-Kaptein looks nice in all three ways configurations.

2. Design by Studio Dror:

Studio Dror Creation

Till now, transforming furniture always took shape of a furniture, but this one has reached new heights of creativity and practical utility. This piece by Studio Dror can be used as a chair and later simply collapsed to stick to the wall for decoration. An advantage of this is that you can completely forget where to store these chairs too!

3. Igland Design Creation:

Igland Design Creation

This design by Igland design is so compact that it can easily be mistaken for a meal box! This box opens to release fourteen puzzle pieces which magically configure into a table and six chairs. So if you are going on a picnic with friends do forget to take this second basket!

4. Design by Alain Berteau:

Alain Berteau Creation

These sustainable chairs by Alain Berteau are a perfect blend of pastoral picket fence and contemporary modularity. This single simple form is very portable and can be divided and combined as needed.

5. Innovation by Bertrand Pinceman:

Bertrand Pinceman Creation

This innovation by Bertrand Pinceman can work both on its side and upright and can be easily folded and used as a bookcase. This storage box and subtle side table also acts as a good shelving system.

6. Marta Antoszkeiwicz Creation:

Marta Antoszkeiwicz Creation

This design is a classic example of twists, hidden tricks, and excellent blends of chairs and the table that slide and come out from one below the other. The best thing with this is that the table and chair collapse into each other and can be stored as a whole without taking the extra space.

7. Kitchen Cabinet Innovation:

Innovative kitchen cabinet

This kitchen works on the exact principle of a Murphy Bed (can be folded down when required), this cabinet dining room can be opened for dinner and then slid back into its place. Though this is a neat piece of furniture, you need to keep in mind the space which is required behind the wall to place it properly.

8. Tetris inspired furniture:

Tetris based furniture

Inspired much by Tetris? Though yellow is not exactly the color you will look forward to, it is appreciable how this arrangement can be stored and used as a sofa, bed and chairs and tables. The material is soft enough to sit and lie down but not conducive enough to eat or work. But here’s the upside, with so many pieces you can also create other creative designs with this!

9. Design by Flou:

Flou Creation

A sofa turned into a bed is something we all must have used. But this elegant design by Flou works so elegantly and perfectly. Speaking in terms of Modernist tradition, one can see the shape of the bed in that of the couch and with distinctive and individual fold out layer.

10. Chair used as stove and vice versa:

Stove and chair combined

Chairs can make tables, sofas can make beds, but this would be the first time when a design gives way to stove and a comfortable chair together. This way this furniture solves two totally different utilities together. Also it can be placed at different places in the house for the various purposes it serves.

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