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Top Five Green Corporations Of The World

Most of the companies across the globe have taken an initiative to make their operations eco-friendly for planet. Here, the major concern is not taking big steps but focusing on small steps such as printing off email messages. When it come to some of the biggest companies of the world, it becomes very imperative to go extra mile for reducing impact on environment. By spreading significance of eco-conscious living, corporations can have great impact on current power dispute between suppliers and consumers. With growing concerns of top corporations for environmental impact and an attempt to go extra mile, both suppliers and consumers are happy and looking forward to reduce their green footprint. Some of the top contenders in the lien of eco-friendly corporations include:

Santander Brazil

Ranked highest in 2012 queue of world’s eco-friendly corporations by a Magazine’s Newsweek in United States, this division of Spanish Financial Group garnered its title after asking prospective clients to fill a questionnaire on environment. Answers given by clients were then presented to risk committee to make sure that bank train its clients on environmental matters or not. If clients are not sufficiently eco-conscious according to risk committee, the customers are advised to work more on sustainable practices.  This analysis of eco-conscious clients when applied to banking customers involves evaluation of social, environmental and legal requisites lined up with deforestation, soil contamination, working conditions and lots more. Banco Santander owns the pride of not rejecting a single financial transaction.


“Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronic 2012” has ranked Wipro as first whereas “Newsweek Global Ranking” has ranked it second for contribution to green environment. This Indian Multinational Corporation provides IT solutions while focusing on exposure of sustainability within company. In recent years, Wipro has made a remarkable progress in minimizing GHG or Greenhouse Gas release and increase use of renewable energy. Wipro also endeavor to place energy-efficient products in market. In addition to this, Wipro also works on effectual take-bake policy as well as performance on collection and reprocessing of customer e-waste.


Banco Bradesco is another Brazilian corporation to use social and eco-friendly criteria. It is among the largest banking service provider of Brazil. This year, company has been ranked as third largest promoter of green practices in the world. Bradesco go all-out to promote sustainable finance, social environmental changes and responsible management. This company works on green criteria when issuing loans and plays thousands of US dollars to inhabitants of rainforest in one year.


IBM is among the greenest of US Companies ranking for reducing its eco-friendly footprints. This company also minimizes greenhouse emissions and aims to promote absolute GHG emission reducing targets. In addition to this, IBM offers a wide array of weather solutions via its program “Smarter Planet”.  IBM labels its products as environmentally responsible option prior offering it to customers. However, IBM was unable to please Greenpeace, as it is unable to take progressive step in political dispute on climate legislation. Newsweek has ranked IBM as fourth leading promoter of green services. With “Smarter Planet”, IBM intends to highlight its practices on economic growth and sustainable development.

National Australia Bank

In 2011, National Australia Bank emerged with extraordinary PR promotion by announcing public disintegration from other leading Australian Banks. Newsweek has positioned National Australia Bank on fifth for its contribution to green practices or sustainable movements. In 2007, this bank took pledge to become a carbon neutral corporation by 2010 by reducing and changing energy use. Moreover, bank has minimized its emission by 25% and increased its investment in wind-powered projects. When it comes to ANZ, Greenpeace finds it lucrative to pour money in upcoming Coal Energy Stations.


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