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Top 10 bathtubs of 2010

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Hold your breath and get ready to take last few dips of 2010, as we bring the best of bathtubs of this year. We have seen some of the best bathtubs that by no doubt have compelled us to bow our heads. So let’s take a look back and gather few of the bathtubs that made us drop down our jaws.

1) Brezza bathtub
brezza bathtub
Get ready to drench yourself in the world of opulence with the Brezza bathtub, or a better word would be a ‘magic carpet’. Designed by ZaafDesign for Wisdom, this bathtub deserves to grab praises for its sleek silhouette. The bathtub brings spa like feel right in your bathroom. Made from solid surface, the bathtub is large enough and at the same time lightweight too.

2) Infinity bathtub
infinity bathtub
You would love to ease yourself in for a deep soak, and rejuvenate your senses and soul in this Infinity bathtub. Designed by Aleksander Mukomelov, the bathtub not only tranquilizes your senses, but also looks pleasing as well. Apart from this, it also offers a computer interface that controls soothing music, temperature, scents and even relaxing images. Who won’t love to drench in the luxury with leisure.

3) Allos bathtub
allos bathtub
The Allos bathtub by Glass Idromassaggio is the newest clear glass bathtub range designed by Ross Lovegrove. The tub bestows you with the distinctive experience, and the use of ultra-modern white hardware adds to its overall look. Offering a comfortable place to stretch out along with the soft head cushion and an integrated light, the built-in television adds to the overall entertainment. Representing the pinnacle of modern design, Allos completely blends with your bathroom space when not in use.

4) Haute Couture bathtubs
condor bathtub
Inspired by a travel trunk, this luxurious bathtub speaks opulence in its every bit. The Haute Couture bathtub from Condor tranquilizes you in ecstasy. The tub drenches itself in leather dress that grabs your attention at the very first look. The exterior is wrapped in superior quality leather enhanced with the leather straps. The interior of the bathtubs gets an appealing look with brass jets giving a great look to your bathrooms.

5) Stowaway bathtub
stowaway bathtub 1
If you lack sufficient space in your bathroom, or the small size of bathroom does not allow you adjust your daily need items, Stowaway Bath Panel is the solution. The panel offers a storage solution that even the smallest of bathrooms can take advantage of. It easily fits in any type of bathrooms, from little to bigger ones. When shut the bath panel looks simply like any other bath panel, and when pulled, the panel opens for your access to the storage racks fitted onto its back. It’s a commendable work to utilize the space, and a new solution for your little space.

6) Palatial bathtubs
luxury baths thg palatial
Palatial bathtubs are inspired by Bernardaud’s iconic china pattern giving a completely unique statement to your bathing style. You will love to drench yourself just like the prince and rejuvenate your senses. With the black exterior that is ornated with bay leaf garland and gold embellishments, the tub ensures lasting quality and durability.

7) Glam bathtub
glam bathtub
Exploring comfort with luxury, Glam bathtub by THG will surely pull you for a luxury drench. Carrying a luxurious look, the bathtub with its elegant look makes a style statement in your bath space. Made out of durable resin and delicate-looking clear side-panels, the bathtub also touts hydrotherapy systems, headrests and lighting panels to add few more stars to its aestheticism. Don’t think much, and go for it.

8) Sorrento sit bathtub
sorrento bathtub
Designed by Victoria & Albert, the Sorrento bathtub looks like a small tub for kids. However, it’s pretty much big enough to accommodate two people easily. The tub is inspired from traditional Japanese tub that immerse the body completely. It won’t take much of your space and can be easily adjusted in one of the corner of your bathroom. It also flaunts solid oak stairs for entering in or moving out.

9) THG Arabesque tub
thg arabesque tub
Must say it’s no less than a show stopper. THG Arabesque tub is designed by Catherine and Bruno Lefebvre and gives a luxury look to your bath space. You definitely can’t pull back your steps, once this bathtub allures you to take a soak. It is an ultimate addition for luxurious living.

10) Hug Bathtubs
white spa hug soft bathtub
The Hug Bathtubs from Whitespa is a complete luxury soaked in a tub. The tub is made from a very soft material that you can easily press with fingers. With the deep immersing feature, the tub also is capable of preserving the heat for a longer time. It also keeps you safe from shock, prevents accidents and creates a safer bathroom environment. Also its durability keeps it safe from any chemical reaction.

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