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Tips to make the most out of your small bathroom

Bathroom is the place where we wash off all our troubles and cleanse the soul. If you have a small bathroom and are not able to relax quite well in it, here are some tips on how to make the most out of your bathroom with some clever designs .

Tips to make the most out of your small bathroom

  • Doors – Go creative with doors. Change the swing of your door if it currently swings into the bathroom, do it the other way round. Opt for pocket doors and sliding doors which take up very less space  and are aesthetically appealing as well.
  • Shower doors – Forego the shower doors in a small space. Instead install a glass panel or a shower curtain which economizes space. Try to find out a good shower-combo, some tubs come at 60 inches in length as well.
  • Faucets – Use wall-mounted faucets in a traditional design. It instantly makes room for a smaller sink and a vanity. A corner-sink works well too.
  • Tiles – If you use small tiles, it will instantly break the vision into all the starting and ending of each small tile. Use bigger units or patterns to create illusion of space.
  • Lights – Use lights to darken up nooks , which if not lit can lead to the bathroom looking even smaller than it actually is. CFL’s emit a white light so they work best for this purpose. They also consume less energy and are eco-friendly. Natural light would be the best way to light up the bathroom but if that is a luxury, consider using a skylight or a sunlight tube to maximize whatever little natural light you have access to. Also remember to use smaller fixtures for lighting.
  • Mirrors – Thank God for mirrors! They have worked well in creating the illusion of space since centuries. Use mirrors to reflect light , place your fixtures right so that they are the object of reflection . Choose mirrors wisely and go for wall mounted ones instead of cabinets to take up less space.
  • Minimize accessories – Avoid clutter in all areas. If you have a lot of floor accessories , mats, laundry hampers, trash cans , etc, try to keep the ones which are mandatory. Maximize space by placing the trash can next to the toilet. Place the laundry hampers outside the bathroom door. Use one rug instead of using several floor accessories to make it look more spacious.

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