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Tips for raising your favorite plants in raised garden beds

Gardening in raised beds has been found to be quite beneficial in more ways than one. This would probably explain why a lot of gardeners are now opting to switch to raised bed gardens. If you are pondering about the same, then here are some of the benefits explained for you in addition to some tips that can help you in your attempt to garden in raised beds.

6 Benefits of Raised Bed Gardening


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Raised bed gardens are neater and tidier than standard gardens. This is because they are confined to their boxes and do not spread across the garden floor. The more creative you are, the more you can utilize these raised beds to create a really cool looking garden.

No Weed Trouble

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Raised beds do not experience much weed trouble thanks to the protective weed barrier between the soil in the bed and the ground. This protects the soil as well as the plants in the bed from weeds.

Better Water Retention and Drainage

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Since the soil you use in the raised bed would be different from the soil on the ground, raised bed gardens would tend to retain more water in areas with sandy soil. On the other hand, they would also facilitate easy water drainage in areas that have clay soil.

More Nutrients in the Soil

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The soil in the ground may not be ideal for planting. However, with a raised bed garden, you can fill the bed with the soil that would best suit the plants you intend to grow. This way, raised bed gardens are great for places where the soil is not nutritious enough to support plant growth.

Better Yields

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The high quality of the soils used in raised beds makes it possible to achieve very high yields when growing vegetables, fruits or herbs.


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There is no need to leave your beloved garden behind when moving houses. You can simply take the raised bed garden with you to your new home.

5 Things to know when working with Raised Gardens

Now that you know about the advantages of raised bed gardening, here are some tips you can follow when working with them.

Maintain Soil Consistency

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The main thing you need to check when planting in a raised bed is the consistency of the soil. The soil used in the bed would need to be light and crumbly, and not dense or compacted. Light soil will enable the roots to grow freely, thus cultivating proper growth. Poke your finger into the soil. It should go up to the third knuckle. If it doesn’t, then you need to lighten the soil with some peat moss.

Use Organic Fertilizers

Organic Fertilizers

Commercial fertilizers contain chemicals that may provide desirable results, albeit on a temporary basis. The soil would sooner than later, run out of the nutrients it needs to facilitate growth. So choose organic fertilizers which provide long term results and improve the soil condition, thus helping you to grow more plants in the long run.

Use Compost to Nourish the Soil

Use Compost

Compost would help supply the soil in the bed with the necessary nutrients it needs to facilitate desirable growth. Make a compost pile in your garden and use it to nourish the soil on a regular basis. Make sure you add the compost only a few weeks before planting the seeds as this will give plenty of time for the soil to absorb the nutrients and be ready for the seeds.

Opt for Soil Amendment

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Unlike the soil in a standard garden, the soil in a raised bed garden remains inside a box. Hence, the nutrients in the soil would get used up very quickly. You would need to add amendments to the soil at regular intervals to keep it nourished and its texture intact.

Plant Cover Crops


Cover Crops can help pull the nutrients from deep inside the soil and supply it to the plants, thus facilitating quick growth. Hence, make it a point to plant some cover crops in your raised bed garden as well.

Raised bed gardens have many benefits when compared to standard gardens. By following a few quick and simple tips, you can easily grow your own raised bed garden quickly and easily.


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