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Tips to Clean Your Windows like a Professional

No matter how many times we try to do it, we never manage to clean or wash our windows like a professional. Well not to worry, for here is a simple, easy-to-learn guide that would let you know how you can clean windows quickly and efficiently like an expert.

Get your Supplies Ready

Before starting the work, get all your supplies ready. This prevents the need for you to run indoors or to the store to get something you need but forgot to get. The essential items you will need for the job include a window washing solution, a squeegee (preferably with a handle for those hard to reach places), couple of old towels, cloths (to dry the squeegee in between washes), a spray bottle, a large bucket and a window scrubber.

Clean the Accessories First

It pays to clean the other areas of the windows before actually cleaning them. For instance, if you are spring cleaning your home, you would want to clean the window frames, sills and screens before touching the window. This would keep your glass clean that would not be the case if you decide to do these chores afterwards.

Scrub the Window

Apply a small amount of the window cleaning solution on the window scrubber and rub down the window, wetting it thoroughly as you work across it. Do not make it too drippy though and add just the right amount of solution to the scrubber to dampen the window.

Dry with Squeegee

Using the squeegee, dry the window nicely and remove the cleaning solution completely. Move the squeegee horizontally from left to right from the top to the bottom of the window. Then move it from top to bottom in a vertical motion from left to right. Now move the squeegee again in a vertical movement, doing overlapping strokes from right to left in order to prevent streaks. Repeat the process with the horizontal movement in order to remove any residual drips. Make sure you wipe the squeegee with a cloth in between these movements in order to absorb excess cleaning solution. Using a towel, carefully wipe the drips collected near the window frame.

Dry the Windows (without a squeegee)

If you do not have a squeegee, then here is another way you can dry windows after washing them in order to prevent drip marks and streaks. Use a lint free cloth to dry the window instead. You would need to change the cloth frequently in order to avoid streaks. So keep a handful of them near you as you dry the window. You can also use paper towels to dry the window after washing it although you would need to stay away from non-lint types that can leave paper towel debris on the window. Of course, some individuals claim to clean their windows easily using some old newspapers to perform the role of the squeegee. Use a couple of newspapers though as they can get damp pretty quick.

Other Tips to Follow when Washing Windows

If you want to wash your windows like an expert, then here are some additional tips that would be very useful for you.

Clean Windows Inside and Out

It pays to clean both sides of the window. There is no fun in cleaning just one side of the window only to find it still looking dirty because of the other side. So make it a point to clean both sides of the window at the same time in order to get the best results.

Don’t clean under the direct sun

Direct exposure to sun can cause the windows to dry quicker, thereby leading to the formation of streaks and drip marks on the surface. So wait for the sun to hide behind a cloud before you start cleaning your windows. Better yet, opt to clean your windows on a cloudy day.


If you want to clean your windows like a professional, follow these steps and you can get sparkling windows as if cleaned professionally albeit the costs involved.


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