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Things you need to know before you choose inter-racial adoption

It may be a rejoicing experience for you and your family, when you adopt a child from a different race. However, not all people in this country are open-minded or at the same level of thinking, you may have to face certain awkward situations.  

Handling the awkward situations

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Never treat your adopted child in a superior or inferior fashion just because they come from a different cultural background. Treat this child as you would with any other child.

Make it clear to your child that you are in his/her team by supporting them. If someone raises a question on his or her background, answer positively. Tell them that the culture that they hail from is a beautiful one.

If someone puts a direct question to you about the place of origin of the child in a demeaning way, make it clear that you are interested in talking about that with the person.

Creating a positive atmosphere

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It is a great idea to celebrate the child’s arrival, as if you got a baby from the hospital. Gather your friends and family to have a baby shower.

Appreciate and respect the differences in his culture from yours. Let the child know that you know about the important things in his culture and are willing to celebrate the festivals and customs of his culture.

Educating your family about the cultural background of your child is a prerequisite, as the child should not feel out of place.

Teach the child about cultural diversity

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In order to create respect in your child for all cultures and races you need to teach him about the cultural diversity. It is an old saying that one must practice what one preaches, if you want to teach your inter-racial kid about cultural diversity show him how. You can start by living in a multicultural neighborhood, if there were many people of your child’s race it would be beneficial.

The school you choose for your child must be racially diverse. The child will learn about the presence of different cultures in this country. Let you child know that you are against racism and are ready to fight for the cause. First, learn yourself and then teach your adopted child about the language of his origin. This will reveal that you bear respect for his race and culture.

You can take your child to camps and holiday spots where people belonging to his race are found in plenty. This will give him confidence and he would develop an expression of gratitude towards you.

What not to do after bringing home a child from a colored race?

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Never think that you have done the child a favor in adopting him, as if you rescued a person from an inferior race.

Many people in the society think that being a biological father or mother is better than adopting a child. This notion if exists in your mind too it needs to go, make it clear to your adopted child that he/she is not your second choice. Many women in the world are unable to conceive, for them the adoption ritual is a blessing in disguise.

There is absolutely no need to put awkward questions to your ‘new’ child like why the parents of the child gave him away. Express your gratitude and affections for getting a wonderful child.

Many people have started adopting children from a different race as there is increasing awareness that a lot of inter-racial children need homes. Irrespective of the race of the child, a child will bring happiness and a proud feeling of parenthood into your life.


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