Technology goes high-tech for making the traditional home better

Technology is an ever-evolving thing and the pace of technological advancement is what determines the pace of development in a particular segment, say home automation. The technologies that used to the highlights of some home automation systems few years ago are no more there because some new and more efficient technologies have taken their place to bring in more good.

You can say technologies are getting smarter to make your home automation systems more convenient, effective, and fun than ever before. Here are some home automation technologies that have gotten smarter and are ready to transform your home into a high-tech home.

A single sensor to track entire energy consumption in your home

Neurio is a single sensor that connects the entire house by plugging into the circuit box. It is one fantastic innovation that tracks energy consumption at home so well, letting you know every single drain point so that you can fix the wastage at the earliest and save your money and make your home a green home with no electricity wastage.

The sensor is so smart that it keeps an eye over every single electric appliance in your home. The sensor uses the iOs or Android app to send notifications to the owner regarding their energy consumption at home.

Orange Chef Countertop

The Countertop from Orange Chef is a technology especially designed to make the appliances and wearable you own smarter. An app-enables system is designed to sync with the appliances and the fitness wearables you already own.

The Countertop is a recipe teller with step-by-step instructions and the nutritive values of a dish, which all appears on the user’s Smartphone. The “genius” mode is super easy, as it offers you meal preparation without worrying about the correct quantity of ingredients.

Moley Robotics

Moley Robotics has a superb project in the pipeline that you will probably get to see in 2017. This project is going to bring so much of comfort and convenience in the life of homemakers as they can enjoy their sleep while the robot prepares breakfast for them in kitchen.

The robot makes a dish precisely the same every time, which means, you can get mouth-watering meal every time. The robotic hands have ultimate dexterity just like ours, as they can carry a pot, stir it, keep the dirty dishes in the sink, and pour ingredients.

Smart Home Kit

Smart Home Kit from littleBits is an ultimate solution for people who were keeping away from air conditioners and smart coffee makers owing to their high prices. The kit has 14 modules including MP3 player, temperature sensor, sound trigger, a light sensor, and 11 accessories that snap together with magnets. You have to decide which function you want the kit to perform and then attach it to the device and it will turn into an internet-connected device.

New smart home from Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is in the process of coming up with such home automation systems and appliances that could sense the dweller’s mood and mental condition and work for their better health and happiness. The cameras on the doors wishing you every time you enter, the door knob will sense your body temperature and heart beat as and when you will touch it, and then all the information will display in the hallway.


Haier has signed a joint development agreement with one of the California based companies that makes a wireless technology called Wattup. It is different from other wireless technologies, as it delivers power to your devices of the same radio bands as a Wi-Fi router even when you are multiple feet away from it.

In order to make homes automation smarter the technologies are getting smarter day by day so that people get to experience things they must not even have thought of.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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