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CES 2013

Parrot, the French firm well known for the radio controlled AR.Drone lying quadrotor helicopter, is now all set to help avid gardeners with its new gardening tool, the Flower Power. The Parrot Flower Power keeps a regular tab on the […]

Withings, manufacturer of smart connected devices for better lifestyles, has unveiled the new Smart Body Analyzer at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. The smart scale, other than the weight and body fat measurement, features heart rate measurement and air quality

Other than the new WeMo Light Switch, Belkin has also announced Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater, a new high-end portable speaker dock system for the iPad. The full-range speaker dock uses advanced digital sound technology to enrich Apple users with enhanced

Manufacturer of high quality audio equipment, Ferrari by Logic3, announced the Cavallino GT1 Bluetooth speaker dock at last year’s CES, but it never made its way to the shelves. Now, the company has announced this beautiful Bluetooth-connected speaker dock with

Behringer, the renowned manufacturer of pro audio and consumer electronics, will be unveiling its new OMNI System with AirPlay wireless consumer audio system at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 in Las Vegas. The OMNI system uses Apple’s AirPlay technology to

At this year’s CES in Las Vegas, JBL will be introducing new Lightning-equipped speaker docks, including the OnBeat Rumble and the OnBeat Mini, for iPad mini, iPad 4, iPhone 5 and the new iPod models. The Bluetooth-enabled JBL OnBeat Rumble

If all of your family members or the office employees are using an iPad, you can understand how much irritating and time consuming it could be to charge and sync multiple iPad devices at the same time. Enter MultiCharger-X by

Your home is without doubt your most valuable asset and if you are always concerned about its safety and security, you might find interest in the next generation of products and services for Iris, a cloud-based smart home solution by

BuQu Tech, a subsidiary of Battery-Biz, has now unveiled Magnetyze magnetic charging system, which lets users charge, sync and protect their smartphone using leading-edge magnetics-based technology. The family of magnetic charging accessories allows Android fans and iPhone users share a

At the CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Swedish high-end audio manufacturer PERFECT8 Technologies will be introducing the redesigned, ultra high-end “The Point MkII Evolution” glass loudspeakers. The redesigned luxury glass speaker feature a brand new custom air motion transducer optimized

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