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Swimming pool slides are a welcome respite from the scorching heat


When pool becomes the chilling zone If swimming pool is where you plan to hide during summers, then it becomes utmost important to deck up that space, add some zing to it before you gather your friends and family to have fun around your water zone.  There are many ways to deck up your pool space, and the easiest and most interesting one is by adding a pool slide!There are many ways in which you can add the slide:

above water

Above the ground: This kind of slide can be erected next to the pool or little far away from it. It comes is basic shapes, like a slanting ladder as you would find in a park also. There are plethora of colors available for pool slides. It is recommended to buy an aqua, green, turquoise or other vibrant colored slide since the slide has to add to the ambience of the pool. Such slides come in many sizes but it is best to keep its size in accordance to the size of your pool. If you have a large pool then take a big slide, if you have a small pool them take a small slide. A mismatch would make the slide look like a misfit around the pool.


In water: This is a better suited slide design considering that you are adding slide next to the pool. Here, the ladder of the pool stands on the ground right next to the pool and its slanting base is immersed in pool water. This kind of slide can be in many shapes, like curves towards their base in water, straight or bell shaped towards their base. Again, one should buy these slides in vibrant colors, keeping the overall pool color code in mind.Besides this, the slide base can be made funky with objects, fruits, or theme based print on it. You can be innovative here by doing some drawing or sketching sea inspired characters on the slide. You can also add a string of toys along the slide of the slide to make the slide look more appealing.Summary We’ve suggested some of the quick and fun to do things with the pool slides. Try any one of these ways and make your pool the most cool and fun hang out zone for your buddies!]]>


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