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Supercells made from bacteria to help produce oil from radioactive scrap

geobacter sulfurreducens

Certain bacteria feeding on scraps of radioactive solids can help in production of oil and electricity. Well yes, they require some genetic modification for it and later, supercells can be created out of them. Geobacter sulfurreducens is one such bacteria that consumes radiation, uranium derivatives and similar radioactive materials, says Vitaly Kulikov, a Professor of Biological Science at the MIT. Moreover, the above-stated bacteria can be utilized to clean wastewaters at the nuclear stations and generate electricity.

Combining these microorganisms in one supercell, the researchers at California University are following what Kulikov suggests. Once such a supercell is created, it will be perfectly possible to get rid of the harmful radiations and answer the acute energy crisis. The highly rated bacterial power would be capable of powering a residential building or a car.

Image Credit: Atbatt

Via: Pravda

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