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Growing artificial grass for lush green waterless future


Does the thought of maintaining a lush green and welcoming lawn bother you? If yes, then Jim Baird’s research will bring a smile to you. UC Riverside turfgrass specialist aims to achieve grass that is healthier, greener, drought-proof and pest-resistant. He is performing his experiment in a plot at the edge of UC Riverside. With mandatory watering restrictions turning grass brown in America, the scientist is on a mission to engineer a drought-proof superlawn.

Baird hopes his water-wise prototypes will grow up to be the lawns, parks, golf courses and athletic fields of the future. There are some obstacles in his way to employ it commercially. Firstly, the grass has to meet the low water demand, then tolerance to shade, fungi-resistance, pest-resistance, relative slow pace of growth, production of ample seeds are the major areas of concern. In addition, it must also pass on the same characteristics from generation to generation. The researcher strongly believes that to taste the flavor of success, years of hard work and dedication will be required.

Via: Latimes

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