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Six unique faucet concepts that can give your washroom a brilliant new look


The décor of your washroom is very important if you are used to attend guests and want to impress them. A beautiful house deserves to be decorated and adorned with gorgeous and stylish faucets. Gone are the days when faucets were not considered an important part of the house décor. Many designers have started experimenting with the design of the faucet. You can use them to decorate your kitchen and washroom. For many of us the time of the day when we relax and distress is spent in the bathroom. It is necessary to make the bathroom décor attractive so that you enjoy your bathing time more. In this article 6 very modern and luxurious faucet concepts will be discussed so that you can pick the right ones for your office and home.

Stylish octave faucet concept:

To elevate your experience of using faucets technology is being used. The octave mixer faucet was designed for Roca by one of the most prominent Portuguese designing company A DIF POV Design Solutions. The simple yet curvy body of the faucet can be moved upwards and downwards for the user’s convenience. You can completely control the temperature of the water and check wastage of water.

Prizma water mixer:

The Prizma water mixer is a wonderful specimen of new age faucets that combine style and convenience with great skill. Alexander Suricoma Babich has designed the Prizma water mixer for the famous company Gessi. It has got a geometrical shape that resembles a prism. There is a LED light that turns on when the faucet is used and turns off when the faucet is not used. You can get both hot and cold water as you desire.

Blob washbasin with hidden faucet:

The Blob washbasin is unique due to the hidden faucet which can be pulled out for getting a shower. It has been designed by Jongha Lee.

Vibrato bathroom faucet:

The Vibrato bathroom faucet has been created by Alex Dorfman and it works when the ball attached is pulled.

Winged faucets of love:

The uniqueness of this faucet lies in its beautiful wing like structure. Designed by Kobi Kor this faucet makes your experience with water magical and it can be controlled with your two fingers.

Slide Phone Inspired Faucet:

Designed by Zeyu Zeng the Slide phone inspired faucet is controlled by touch. You have to slide the top for turning it on.


The modern bathrooms and kitchens are incomplete without the beautiful and unique faucets. These new age faucets can be easily controlled and some of them have touchscreen and LED light.


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