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Seven simple yet effective tips to design your kitchen

A place where not only food but memories are made, your kitchen surely deserves to be the best part of the house. If you’re planning to renovate or reconstruct your kitchen, trying to make it more efficient and beautiful, then you need not panic. It isn’t as hard as it seems. With a little guidance and a lot of creativity, you can have your haven beautifully designed without any fuss.

1. The Layout

Be it a small kitchen or a very extravagant one, if it’s not well planned, you won’t be happy with it. From simple things like being able to reach all the cabinets to store everything intelligently in a small space, a good design helps you in everything. The things you should consider before designing are (a) your needs (b) space available and (c) your budget. After these three consideration comes the layout, which usually is dominated by the geometrical figure of a triangle with the sink, fridge and stove at three corners, so you travel the shortest distance while going from one place to another.

2. Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a very useful addition to the kitchen, in terms of adding more space to work on, as well as create a dining place for the family to eat. The island is any surface that is same as the counter table’s height. The island adds up the space for work as well as makes working in the kitchen quite convenient. The price of the kitchen island can cost anywhere from $400 to $20000 or more, depending on the size and the material used. Setting up an island is very easy and doesn’t require any technical know how.

3. Custom Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets, when added intelligently add not only beauty but efficiency to your kitchen. If you are not happy with the ones int the market, you can always get them custom made. These custom cabinets can solve all the problems of storing any thing from crockery to cans and any other stuff.

4. Kitchen Desks

A very modern and useful addition to your kitchen is the kitchen desk. With more and more women starting to work from home, or bringing office work to home, the kitchen desks are helpful in letting you spend time with family as well. It can also be used if your kids like to do homework with you; they can finish up their work as you finish yours.

5. Eat-in Kitchens

An effective and very warm way of making your kitchen useful is to make it an eat-in. There are three different styles in which you can incorporate an eating place in your kitchen: if you have a small kitchen, a counter would suit you best; with good stools, this makes a splendid eating place. If the space in your kitchen is a bit larger, then consider making a breakfast corner with a small table and chairs, ideally beside a window. A large kitchen can accommodate a dining table that is ideal for large families.

6. Refrigerator Drawers

If you have space constraints or want your cooking stuff and drinks at separate places, the refrigerating drawers are what you need. Working as a standard refrigerator, they can be place under a counter, much like any other drawer, easy to reach and requiring less space. Available in various sizes, these drawers are quite expensive costing anywhere from $1500 to $3000, but the functionality of the kitchen increases many times over.

7. Making your kitchen kid friendly

If you have little kids, chances are, they always follow you around whenever you’re cooking. A very good idea can be to give them their own space inside the kitchen, so you don’t have to worry about there whereabouts while you’re busy cooking. The things to add can be small cabinets, table and chair, a chalk board and a safe cooking place if you like, to get them busy. These little things add a lot to your kitchen and the memories attached to it.

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