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Recycled Art: Amazing robots made from trash

The expanding working arena of robotics has made humans obliged to accept them as co-workers, friends and even entertainers in some scenes. Since, the robots are the future; then how about crafting robots from recycled material? Sounds cool and green at the same time! Yes, the robots which will not only serve as a mechanical agent for you but at the same time will also help your motherly earth from the landfills. Well, here we’ve enlisted some of them to transport you to a junky haven where recycling and robots rule.

1. The robo-dog:
the robo dog

These steampunkish dudes at Mutoid Waste Company have been in the lap of everything we call scrap, making stuff that is beyond even the best sitting in the helm in factories. Larry is their latest induction to crawl through the gates of the workshop and onto the busy streets of London, breathing fire out of its metal hood with each step forward. More here.

2. Brotherton’s sensuous robot:
brothertons sensuous robot

You will not be able to believe what you’ll see now. Even I could not imagine that a beautiful robotic structure could be built using scrap until I came across this one. This amazing creation by Brotron creator Greg Brotherton is more humanlike in shape, having legs and even female curves. The artist investigated found objects and transforming them into unbelievable piece of art.

3. Recycled robots:
recycled robots

Here is something extraordinary from an ingenious artist named Mark Brown. He has made robots of comical, curious characters from recycled and found material. His amazing works of art are made but assembling vintage tins, utensils, and knobs together. If you wish to check out his work, you can take a round of Denver Airport or visit his website.

4. Wall-E robot:
wall e robot

The Wall-E robot is a cute and creative transformation of kitchen scrap into something more useful. Designed by Filth Wizardry, this cute movie character is made from kitchen crap that includes empty yogurt cups, cereal boxes, wrapping paper tubes, empty tape dispensers, a bucket and a plastic drink holder, that mostly needs to go to the recycling center if you have a green thinking mind, and otherwise into the landfill. This version of the Wall-E won’t help you out in any household work but will definitely keep your kids entertained in a green way.

5. Wu Yulu’s robot:
wu yulus robot

A Chinese farmer, Wu Yulu, has designed a family of 26 robots from scrap materials. Each of the robots has been named after the creator’s name itself. The first prototype developed by Wu, named Wu No.1, which took a couple of years to build, was barely able to move. With time Wu enhanced his skills of robot designing and his latest invention is able to pull him in a rickshaw for about 6 hours on a single charge. More here.

6. Lipson’s robot:
lipsons robot

What I bring to you here is a robot that creates awesome, nostalgically tinted bots for your viewing. It is quite exciting to see the way David Lipson of Lipson Robotics has used found materials in a more meaningful manner. His robot is made by gathering tea boxes, bike gears, shower heads and can openers.

7. Automated junk robot:
automated junk robot

Items such as old cellphones, broken wiper blades, used computer parts and trashed food processors might classify as junk for you, but for Columbian eco-artist Mario Caicedo Langer these are raw materials for automated creations that include robots, toys and movie props. The sculptures are a combination of trash and extraordinary engineering skills that can’t be matched with ease. More here.

8. Sparky:

Here is a cute robot that is sure to win your heart. The creation is made from 80%recycled and reused material. It gives you an altogether new view on ‘garbage’ and what it can become.

9. Vu Van Thang’s robot:
vu van thangs robot

The robot pictured above has movable fingers, hands and arms, and it mimics humans while it is in action. Vu Van Thang, 19, created it using recycled toys and soft drink cans. His creation was hailed as the top entry among 300 projects at the National Creativeness Competition for Children and Youth 2009 sponsored by the Union of Vietnamese Scientific and Technological Association, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Youth. More here.

10. Robots made from typewriter:
robots made from typewriter

Developing something creative and interesting from waste is fun and eco-friendly. Working on the same idea is Jeremy Mayer, who has created a recycled robot from old typewriter parts. What is even more interesting is the way it is build. No gluing, soldering, welding or any other means of assembly has gone into the making. On the contrary, the artist has made use of cold assembly.

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