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R2B2 kitchen uses muscular potency to power up electrical appliances

r2b2 kitchen

If it comes to count the most important appliances in kitchen, a kitchen machine, a coffee grinder and a hand blender are the ones leading the race. But, the huge chunk of bills they levy on our pockets pulls us back to use them on regular basis. Christoph Thetard brings revolution in the kitchen world with their new kitchen design that says goodbye to no more electricity. Credited as “R2B2,” the kitchen powers up the electrical appliances from the human muscle strength to generate electricity, thereby reducing the electric waste production. All the appliances are offered storage container where they can be stored when not in use.

Each appliance is designed keeping in mind their compatibility with the kitchen, high functionality, easy cleaning, easy demounting and high quality look. Thanks to the rotating flywheel that helps to harness power when pedaled generating up to 350W energy for the duration of about one minute. A switch on the front side helps to slow or fast up the connection, and the attachments are designed with the possibility to do as many different jobs with as less as possible parts.

There are blades, a whip and different adapters for cutting discs, and machine can be cleaned using the axle from the bowl. The appliances can be used for different works including grinding, chopping, whisking and much more. The big opening of the glasses guarantees easy excess to clean. Deigned for four people, the kitchen offers the bonus to buy the attachment parts which only you need.

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r2b2 kitchen2
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