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Outdoor canopy bed ideas for a romantic evening

Childhood would be incomplete without the adventurous building of forts and castles, be it with sand, mud and clay or pillows and bed sheets in the bedroom. Canopy beds are simply the adult variations of those childhood fantasies, skillfully prepared with the blend of aesthetic simplicity and a touch of subtle style.

The addition of such a beautiful baldachin rightfully complements an amorous summer evening outdoor and comes with an array of choices to set the right mood. Whether it is a rustic romantic evening outdoor or a classy relaxing summer retreat, all can be achieved with a basic knowledge of outdoor canopy bed ideas.

The Pleasurable Poolside:

Make your poolside retreat more relaxing with the addition of an outdoor canopy bed. No one said that you can’t enjoy the comforts of a bed while lounging by the pool. The addition of a canopy bed can have diverse applications to complement the summer evening, from soaking up the sun or enjoying the cozy shade with your partner to immersing oneself in an oasis of solitude. You can have it all with a suitable canopy of your choice. It is imperative to mention the variety of floating beds available nowadays, which can convert a boring poolside to a comfortable summer haven in your own backyard.

Your own outdoor fairy tale:

Ever dreamt of spending that perfect fairy tale evening with your partner out of the confines of your home? With the wide range of outdoor canopy beds suitable for such an occasion, you can live your fantasies irrespective of where you are. Canopy beds available with an overhead ring are most suitable if living in a fairy-tale is what you have in mind. The addition of drapes of various muted colors to blend in with the surrounding is essential to evoke the imagery of fantasy. The presence of sheer side-posts gives you the opportunity of adding floral wreaths or vines to complete the fairy-tale experience. The choice of clothing can be velvet, satin or silk to add the touch of royalty to your dream canopy and depends solely on your choice. Placing small furniture like bedside tables of designs suiting the occasion can also enhance the pleasure and relaxation of the experience.

The Rustic retreat:

Looking to add a bit of country flavor to your summer evening? An outdoor canopy bed with available bedposts and a square or circular frame fits the bill most appropriately. With the addition of drapes of rustic colors lining the posts sets the tone for your delightful country outing. Hang curtains around the frames, preferably of darker shades like that of brown and convert your canopy to a secluded romantic retreat. More can be done by ornamentation of the frames with hanging ropes or twisted fabrics of colors complementing the curtains to add the feeling of the wild countryside. The whole experience can be made more holistic with the addition of wooden furniture like bedside tables and a relaxing hammock chair.

The Passionate Love Den:

Build your own passionate love nest away from home with the apt choice in an outdoor canopy and transform your summer evening to a romantic getaway with you partner. Canopies with an overhead circular frame are most suited for such an occasion. Hang curtains around the bed to add the feeling of seclusion and privacy from the rest of the world as you enjoy the relaxing comforts of your outdoor experience with your partner. The color of choice should aptly be red an amorous flavor to the canopy. While lighter shades of red should be used for the curtain, the darker shade could be reserved for the sheets in the bed or a shade of pink could also be used. Transparent drapes over the curtains add a classy touch to the whole experience. To end with, you can always spice it up by adding heart-shaped pillows and a bedside table with fresh fruits on a plate as per your taste.

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