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Nomos touch-screen faucet lets you tune the water flow

fima kitchen faucet

Since every house furnishings and appliances are heading to douse in technology, faucets have also slowly joined the league. Its not that hi-tech faucets are something new, we have already seen few of them before. But, they have now just crossed the threshold of trend and have now become the latest thing for our home. Check out this newest Nomos faucet by Italian company Fima Carlo Frattini that you cannot take your eyes off. The touch screen faucet features icons and also flaunts electronic mechanics so as to tune with the water.

The elegant kitchen mixer helps to adjust water quantity, pressure and temperature, and also promises safety. If the faucet faces some breakage or leakage, it alerts you to repair it. The touch-screen and easy-to-read graphic icons gives a completely new fun to play with water. Nomos boasts functionality with form that is the next technology paving its way to your kitchen and bathrooms.

Via: Trendir

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