Picking up jewelry from a wide assortment of jewelry styles and types is truly bewildering, especially when you are not sure as to what type suits your personality the best. Many factors influence the look of a particular piece of jewelry on a person, as in the factors that make a particular jewelry piece look stunning on one person and make the same piece look not that good on another person.

Out of those many factors, one factor is the skin tone of a person who is intending to buy and wear a jewelry piece. Read further to know how you can know your skin tone well and how you can use that knowledge to grab jewelry pieces that can look extraordinary on you:

First figure out your skin tone

Before you set out to find perfect jewelry to suit your skin tone, you first need to figure out what actual shade your skin has. Your veins can tell you what tone you have. Place your wrist in a well-lighted area and try to see the color of your veins. If your veins appear to be bluish that means you have a cool skin tone, and if they are greenish that means you have a warm skin tone. After knowing your skin tone, the next step is to know what these skin tones actually signify, especially in the context of jewelry choice.

The Cool Tone

The bluish veins indicate the cool skin tone, which is apt for colors like blue, green, and silver. People with cool tone are free to choose jewelry having all these colors; they will look superb on them. This does not mean that you cannot wear other colors like the pinks and reds but you must remember that the cool colors will look extraordinary on you, while the other will look no more than good. Diamonds look apt on the cool skin tone.

The Warm Tone

The warmer colors as yellow, red, golden, and pink are truly meant for the warm tones, means the greenish veins. Golden jewelry is like the all time companion for people with warm skin tone, diamonds and other cool tone jewelry looks good also but nothing like the jewelry having warm tone.

Fair Skin Tone

Fair skin carries off all the jewelry colors well though but the colors that look best on this skin tone are the light colors. You should choose jewelry pieces that have a real light shade as compared to your own skin tone. Bright and dark colors can look good but in most of the cases such colors look overpowering, as they tend to take away the true charm of the fair skin. If you have some special occasion then you can confidently wear the dark jewelries also but try to avoid them as far as daily wear is concerned.

Dark Skin Tone

People with dark skin tone are a bit lucky when it comes to the choice of jewelry because multiple jewelry styles look good on them. Nearly all colors ranging from dark to light look good on dark skin tones. If someone has too dark shade of skin tone, they should avoid too dark shaded jewelry pieces.

Medium Skin Tone

Not too fair and not too dark is the best skin tone to have, and it is still the best when it comes to the choice and jewelry types. Medium skin tone welcomes almost every shade of jewelry ranging from the darks to the lights, to bright, and neon.


At times every piece of jewelry, every shade of it looks good on anyone who wears it but most of the times it is the skin tone that enhances the beauty and the appearance of a particular jewelry piece on the wearer.

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